1st Edition

Applied Statistics - Principles and Examples

By D.R. Cox, E. J. Snell Copyright 1981
    200 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    200 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    This book outlines some of the general ideas involved in applying statistical methods. It discusses some special problems, to illustrate both the general principles and important specific techniques of analysis. The book is intended for students interested in statistical methods.

    Part 1 Principles
    1. Nature and objectives of statistical analysis
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 Data Quality
    1.3 data structure and quantity
    1.4 Phases of analysis
    1.5 Styles of analysis
    1.6 Computational and numerical analytical aspects
    1.7 Response and explanatory variables
    1.8 Types of investigation
    1.9 Purposes of investigation
    2. Some general concepts
    2.1 Types of observation
    2.2 Descriptive and probabilistic methods
    2.3 Some aspects of probability models
    3. Some strategically aspects
    3.1 Introduction
    3.2 Incorporation of related data and external information
    3.3 Role of special stochastic models
    3.4 Achievement of economical and consistent description
    3.5 Attitudes to assumptions
    3.6 Depth and complexity of analysis appropriate
    3.7 Analysis in the light of the data
    4. Some types of statistical procedure
    4.1 Introduction
    4.2 Formulation of models: generalities
    4.3 Formulation of models: systematic component
    4.4 Formulation of models: random component
    4.5 Calculation of summarizing quantities
    4.6 Graphical analysis
    4.7 significance tests
    4.8 Interval estimation
    4.9 Decision procedures
    4.10 Examination of the adequacy of models
    4.11 Parameters and parameterization
    4.12 Transformations
    4.13 Interaction
    Part II Examples
    A. Admissions to intensive care unit
    B. Intervals between adjacent births
    C. Statistical aspects of literary style
    D. Temperature distribution in a chemical ractor
    E. A ‘before and after’ study of blood pressure
    F. Comparison of industrial processes in the presence of trend
    G. Cost of construction of nuclear power plants
    H. Effect of process and purity index on fault occurrence
    I. Growth of bones from chick embryos
    J. Factorial experiment on cycles to failure of worsted yarn
    K. Factorial experiment on diets for chickens
    L. Binary preference data for detergent use
    M. Fertilizer experiment on growth of cauliflowers
    N. Subjective preference data on soap pads
    O. Atomic weight of iodine
    P Multifactor experiment on a nutritive medium
    Q. Strength of cotton yarn
    R. Biochemical experiment on the blood of mice
    S. Voltage regulator performance
    T. Intervals between the failure of air-conditioning equipment in aircraft
    U. Survival times of leukemia patients
    V. A retrospective study with binary data
    W. Housing and associated factors
    X. Educational plans of Wisconsin Schoolboys
    Summary of examples
    Further sets of data
    Author index
    Subject index


    Cox, D.R.

    "The analyses of the examples are sufficiently detailed to provide good illustrations of both general principles and important specific techniques of analysis, yet are presented insuch a way that tge informed reader will want to try his own hand at extending the analysis of the data. This book should be read by anyone interested in statistical methods."
    -J.F. Lawless, International Statistical Institute
    "I recommend anyone who teaches applied statistics at an advanced level to purchase this book."
    -D. Williams, Biometrics