1st Edition

Applying Anthropology to General Education Reshaping Colleges and Universities for the 21st Century

Edited By Jennifer R. Wies, Hillary J. Haldane Copyright 2022
    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    212 Pages
    by Routledge

    The current higher education policy and practice landscape is simultane-ously marked by uncertainty and hope, and nowhere are these tensions more present than in discussions and actions around general education. This volume uses an anthropological approach to contemplate ways of re-imagining general education for the 21st century and how faculty, teach-ers, administrators, and others can transform the educational endeavor to be holistic, comprehensive, and aligned with the needs of people and the planet in the decades to come. Included are analyses of general education concepts such as "diversity," case studies of general education and con-necting curricula, opportunities for faculty development, unique general education student populations, assessment strategies, and philosophical/ pedagogical challenges. Contributors make the case that far from receding from a central role in higher education, there is a need to strengthen general education curricula as key to the educational needs of students, for the skills and competencies they require in the workplace and for civic engagement.

    Introduction to Applying Anthropology to General Education: Reshaping Education for the 21st Century

    Jennifer R. Wies and Hillary J. Haldane

    1 Racial Sociocultural Awareness Through Conceptualizing Arrivantcy in the Classroom

    April Petillo

    2 Teaching General Education: Anthropology for Undergraduate Students and Future Publics

    Hillary J. Haldane, Jaime M. Ullinger, and Julia I. Giblin

    3 Critical Pedagogies of Hope: Teaching an "Anthropological Imagination" in an Era of Unfolding Crises

    Adam Kaul

    4 So You Want to Teach About Race and Inequity: Toward Anti-Racist Anthropology in General Education

    Michelle A. Lelièvre and L. Chardé Reid

    5 Reshaping General Education as the Practice of Freedom

    Angela C. Jenks

    6 From Freire to Foucault: Designing a Critical Prison Pedagogy

    Jason Bartholomew Scott

    7 Anti-Racism, Inclusion, and the Role of Anthropology in Institutional Culture Change in General Education Curricula

    M. Gabriela Torres

    8 The Diversity Slot: The Case for Letting Anthropology Burn in Community Colleges

    Nina Brown

    9 Applying Anthropology in the Classroom: Communities of Practice and Activity-Based Learning in a General Education Course for First-Year Students

    William Loker and Thia Wolf

    10 Multimodal Ethnography as Pedagogy: Developing Interculturality in General Education

    Aziz Fatnassi

    11 Cultivating Change in the Curriculum Through International Faculty Development

    Gloria Delany-Barmann and Heather McIlvaine-Newsad

    12 Laying the Groundwork for General Education: Insights from an Independent Secondary School

    Melissa A. Beske


    Jennifer R. Wies is Professor of Anthropology and Associate Provost at Eastern Kentucky University. Her research focuses on violence intervention systems in the United States, opioid misuse treatment programs, and evalu-ating transformative practices for learning.

    Hillary J. Haldane is Professor of Anthropology and former Director of General Education at Quinnipiac University. Her research focuses on the expertise of gender-based violence frontline workers in Aotearoa and Australia.