1st Edition

Applying Entrepreneurship to the Arts How Artists, Creatives, and Performers Can Use Startup Principles to Build Careers and Generate Income

By Paula Landry Copyright 2022
    180 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    180 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    180 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

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    This book puts successful startup tools in the hands of creators: performers, artists, entertainers, creatives, and media makers seeking to launch like a business and generate more income.

    Readers will learn essential entrepreneurial principles taught to founders in the startup community. Creatives who read this book will learn:

    • How to launch their creative startups
    • Ways to run and market their venture efficiently
    • Effective methods to test new services, products, and experiences
    • To incorporate their entire skill set in an authentic way
    • That they can do all of this now, without business classes or special training

    With actionable information, real-world case studies as examples, and specific steps to build business acumen from an artistic perspective, this book puts entrepreneurial tools into the frameworks and mindsets of those working in creative fields.

    Paula Landry, MBA, is a creator, writer/filmmaker, and musician who has been teaching and coaching creatives for a decade, through undergraduate and graduate programs in New York City, as well as at various non-profits.

    Table Of Contents

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    About the Author

    1. Plan

    Day Dreaming With Purpose



    Goal Setting

    Defining Your Goals

    Organization With The Smart Goal Framework

    Articulating Your Vision

    Defining The UVP (Unique Value Principle)

    What’s Your Mission (Statement)

    2. Build And Test

    Brainstorming – Ideas

    Defining Your Audiences

    Survey Tools

    Your MVP – Minimum Viable Product (Or Service)

    Products & Services




    Designing And Creating Your Offering

    3. Create With Constraints

    Time And Money Management



    Basic Budgeting

    Crafting Your Business Model

    Consider Your Payment Process

    Find Partners

    Defining And Locating Your Customers And Audience

    Organizing Customers & Fans With CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    4. Share With Awareness

    Beta Testing

    Marketing (Funnel)


    Pitching & Storytelling

    Build Awareness


    Marketing Fundamentals: The 4 P’s Or SIVA


    Content Marketing

    Marketing Budget

    Customer Acquisition Cost

    5. Generate (Feedback) And Launch



    Set Up Data And Analytics

    Business Model Review

    Cyclicality & Seasonality

    Earning Revenue And Profitability


    Funding Sources

    Why You Should Skip It

    Multiple Streams Of Income

    Recurring Revenue

    Build Once, Sell Many Times


    6. Manage And Analyze

    Administer Your Venture

    Legal Concepts And Contracts

    Different Corporate Forms

    Protecting Your Intellectual Property

    Record Keeping / Taxes

    Track And Analyze KPI - The Metrics Of Movement

    Current Clients Versus New Clients

    Cultivate Community For Motivation



    Paula Landry, MBA is an author and award-winning writer/producer creating stories to help create connections and erase loneliness. Projects include feature films, episodic content, podcasts, and VR films. Ms. Landry creates media budgets, schedules, and business plans, coaching entrepreneurial media makers, artists, performers and creatives. Landry teaches media in NYC, online and worldwide including graduate programs at Wagner College, and Metropolitan College of New York as well as to performers at The Actors Fund, and filmmakers at FilmShop and NYC Women Filmmakers where she serves on the Board of Directors. Books include Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film: A Panic- Free Guide, 2nd ed. (Taylor & Francis); and The Business of Film (Taylor & Francis) with Stephen Greenwald. Clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as Christie’s, Pearson Television, Entertainment Weekly, Symposium X, Mission Society, and Smile Train. Films have debuted at Sundance, Chelsea Film Festival, CineVegas, winning awards from Best Actors FilmFest, Columbia Pictures Screen Gems, Time Warner Showtime Audience Award, WorldFest Houston; writing awards - Lugnut Award, 2nd Rounder at Austin FF, a semi-finalist at Made in NY Writer’s Room. Her website is www.paulalandry.com

    "Part creative, part business, this book is loaded with a step-by-step path to jumpstart your artistic and entrepreneurial career."

    -- Marty Grabstein, Actor & VO Performer, Voice of Courage the Cowardly Dog, FB: @MartyGrabsteinCourage


    "In this uplifting book, Paula Landry shares her valuable insight on turning your creative passions into business opportunities and provides the right tools for professionals to reach new heights, a must read!" 

    -- Michael Mentor, IG: @Mike_Mentor2, Filmmaker


    "This book is the "how to" guide on success as a creative; in an action-packed, fun read, Paula Landry hands you the keys to unlock the business side of your art."

    -- Matt Mintz, Creative Producer


    "The layout and details within this book will give you the guidance, confidence, and support that’s needed to be your own entrepreneur."

    -- Alfred Adarkwah, Product @Bellweather Agency, LI: Alfred Adarkwah, IG: @508fre


    "Paula Landry takes you on a comprehensive journey from start to finish, helping you bring your best and brightest business ideas into a practical plan to turn your dreams in to a reality."

    -- Danny Scaramella, Marketing Operations Specialist, Tipico