1st Edition

Art Teaching Elementary through Middle School

By George Szekely, Julie Alsip Bucknam Copyright 2012
    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    334 Pages
    by Routledge

    Art Teaching speaks to a new generation of art teachers in a changing society and fresh art world. Comprehensive and up-to-date, it presents fundamental theories, principles, creative approaches, and resources for art teaching in elementary through middle-school. Key sections focus on how children make art, why they make art, the unique qualities of children’s art, and how artistic development can be encouraged in school and at home. Important aspects of curriculum development, integration, evaluation, art room management, and professional development are covered. A wide range of art media with sample art activities is included.

    Taking the reader to the heart of the classroom, this practical guide describes the realities, challenges, and joys of teaching art, discusses the art room as a zone for creativity, and illustrates how to navigate in a school setting in order to create rich art experiences for students. Many textbooks provide information; this book also provides inspiration. Future and practicing teachers are challenged to think about every aspect of art teaching and to begin formulating independent views and opinions.

    Dedication  Preface  Acknowledgments  1. From Theory to Practice  2. Art in the Elementary Grades  3. Middle School Art  4. Classroom Organization And Assessment  5. Art Students As Artists  6. Professional Development Of The Art Teacher  Index


    George Szekely is Professor and Area Head--Art Education, University of Kentucky. For his lifetime contributions to art education, he received the Victor Lowenfeld Prize and the Manuel Barkan Award. He was named a National Treasure by the National Art Education Association and presented with the honor of becoming a Distinguished Fellow.

    Julie Alsip Bucknam is Professor of Art and Art Education at Eastern Kentucky University; recipient of the Kentucky Art Education Association Elementary Art Educator of the Year Award, and the Art Educator of the Year Award; and is Past President of the KyAEA.

    "Art Teaching is one of the most transformative books about art education that I have read in many years. I wish all art teachers would read and discuss its contents. It will change the way teachers teach and students learn."— NAEA News

    "This clear text draws upon the authors’ own real experiences and offers insights and guidance for those seeking to teach art in elementary and middle schools."  -- Jerome Hausman, Visiting Professor, Art Institute of Chicago

    "This is an absolutely essential text for future art educators as well as a must-read for current teachers who want to rekindle their creative teaching. At a time when student creativity in this country is on the decline, this book provides inspiration, tangible strategies, and- most importantly- the challenge to make the art classroom the indispensible creative center of every school." -- Cindy Meyers Foley, Director of Education, Columbus Museum of Art and Center for Creativity

    "Bravo to both authors who provide a refreshing and much needed approach to teaching art in a contemporary classroom. The authors encourage the reader to honor the wisdom of children while allowing them creative license in the art classroom. This book provides a comprehensive view into the world of teaching art and includes nearly everything that a teacher should think about, such as meeting the standards, classroom management, curriculum planning, advocacy, and so much more." -- Kathy Danko-McGhee, Director of Education, Toledo Museum of Art