1st Edition

Artfully Teaching the Science of Reading

    190 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    190 Pages 19 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This inviting book is a bridge between two major strands of reading instruction that are often held in opposition: the science of reading and artful approaches to teaching reading. Although the current climate of literacy instruction positions these approaches as diametrically opposed, the authors Young, Paige, and Rasinski describe how teachers can use the science of reading to engage students in artful, engaging, and authentic instruction. The authors reveal how effective teaching is a dynamic process that requires agency and creativity and show how teachers make artful shifts based on the needs of students in specific contexts.  Chapters include a range of examples and explanations of how artful teaching is integrated into reading instruction and how it can increase students’ motivation and positive attitudes toward reading. The concise and practical chapters cover key topics, including phonemic awareness, reading fluency, vocabulary, assessment, home and family reading, and more.

    This essential road map for all pre-service and in-service reading teachers restores the importance of teacher agency, supports the critical understanding of reading research, and allows teachers to use their knowledge, experience, and creative approaches in the classroom. This is the definitive guide to teaching reading as both an art and a science.

    1. Teaching Reading: A Science, but also an Art  2. Becoming a Scientific and Artful Reading Teacher  3. Artful Teaching of Phonemic Awareness  4. Artful Teaching of Phonics 5. Artful Teaching of Reading Fluency  6. Artful Teaching of Vocabulary  7. Artful Teaching of Comprehension  8. Artful Assessment of Reading  9. Artful Approaches to Home and Family Reading  10. Using Reading Models, Theories, and Research to Develop Effective and Artful Reading Instruction and Interventions


    Chase Young is Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning at Sam Houston State University, USA. He is editor of Literacy Research and Instruction and founding editor of Journal of Teacher Action Research.

    David Paige is Professor of Literacy at Northern Illinois University, USA, and Director of the Jerry L. Johns Literacy Clinic. He is past president of the Association of Literacy Researchers and Educators.

    Timothy V. Rasinski is Professor of Literacy Education and former director of the award-winning Reading and Writing Development Center at Kent State University, USA. He is past president of the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers and is an elected member in the International Reading Hall of Fame. In a recent Stanford University study, Rasinski was identified as among the top two per cent of scientists in the world. 

    "This book is an absolute gem that every teacher of literacy needs to read today! What a fabulous resource that is jam-packed with the latest science and proven engaging lessons. Young, Paige, and Rasinski provide the most current research on teaching reading in a readable and succinct format. They artfully share lessons on every aspect of teaching reading. Best of all this slim reference with its ‘go-to’ ideas almost fits in your pocket."  

    --Lori Oczkus, Author and Literacy Consultant