1st Edition

Artificial Reefs in Fisheries Management

    366 Pages 30 Color & 210 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    While artificial reefs may have much to offer, they remain an anecdote in the greater scheme of fisheries management, primarily due to the lack of data specific to validating their use. Based on papers presented at the 9th Conference on Artificial Reefs and Artificial Habitats (CARAH) and also including original articles written for this reference, Artificial Reefs in Fisheries Management brings to the forefront the current state of knowledge regarding artificial reefs and their pragmatic application to furthering fisheries sustainability. It presents a timely compilation of research to increase options for the implementation of artificial reefs for fishery and natural resource managers.

    Artificial Reefs in Fisheries Management offers an inclusive and encompassing description of the field by chapter authors drawn from diverse geographical areas. This approach gives readers the broadest of perspectives and reflects regional interests and experience with artificial reefs in different parts of the world.

    Coming at an opportune time in the field of artificial reefs, Artificial Reefs in Fisheries Management aids researchers and natural resource managers more carefully consider the special features of artificial reefs in their application to resolving fisheries management problems. This book is an important step toward improving the prescribed use of artificial reefs as a viable option in many of the world’s fisheries in the quest to make more of the world’s fisheries sustainable.

    Introduction to the Role Artificial Reefs Play in Fisheries Management,
    Stephen A. Bortone
    Artificial Reefs as Unifying and Energizing Factors in Future Research and Management of Fisheries and Ecosystems,
    William Seaman, Jr., Robert Grove, David Whitmarsh, Miguel Neves Santos, Gianna Fabi, Chang Gil Kim, Giulio Relini, and Tony Pitcher
    The Artificial Habitat as an Accessory for Improving Estimates of Juvenile Reef Fish Abundance in Fishery Management,
    Stephen T. Szedlmayer
    How Artificial Reefs Could Reduce the Impacts of Bottlenecks in Reef Fish Productivity within Natural Fractal Habitats,
    John F. Caddy
    An Integrated Coastal Area Management Strategy to Deploy Artificial Reefs,
    Sylvain Pioch, J.-C. Raynal, G. Lasserre, and C. Aliaume
    Artificial Reefs for Lobsters: An Overview of Their Application for Fisheries Enhancement, Management, and Conservation,
    Ehud Spanier, Kari L. Lavalli, and Dor Edelist
    A Case Study of Artificial Reefs in Fisheries Management: Enhancement of Sandfish, Arctoscopus japonicus, by Artificial Reefs in the Eastern Waters of Korea,
    Chang Gil Kim, Sung Il Lee, Hyung Kee Cha, Jae Hyeong Yang, and Yong Soo Son
    Assessing Artificial Reefs for Fisheries Management: A 10-Year Assessment off the Northern Coast of Rio de Janeiro,
    Luciano Neves dos Santos, Daniel Shimada Brotto, and Ilana Rosental Zalmon
    Artificial Reefs in North Cyprus: An Opportunity to Introduce Fishermen to Sustainable Development,
    Burak Ali Çiçek
    The Role of Artificial Reefs in Fisheries Management in Turkey,
    Altan Lök, F. Ozan Düzbastılar, Benal Gül, Aytaç Özgül, and Ali Ulaş
    Artificial Reefs in the Management of Mediterranean Sea Fisheries,
    Gianna Fabi and Alessandra Spagnolo
    Coastal Fish Farms as Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs),
    Pablo Sanchez-Jerez, Damian Fernandez-Jover, Ingebrigt Uglem, Pablo Arechavala-Lopez, Tim Dempster, Just T. Bayle-Sempere, Carlos Valle Pérez, David Izquierdo, Pål-Arne Bjørn, and Rune Nilsen
    Artificial Reefs in Artisanal Fisheries,
    Erick R. Baqueiro Cárdenas
    The Role of Artificial Reefs in the Sustainability of Artisanal Fisheries,
    Miguel Neves Santos, Carlos Costa Monteiro, and Francisco Leitão
    Artificial Reef Function in Fishing Grounds off Japan,
    Yasushi Ito
    Artificial Reefs to Induce Upwelling to Increase Fishery Resources,
    Takahiro Okano, Masanori Takeda, Yoshifumi Nakagawa, Kenji Hirata, Koji Mitsuhashi, Suetoshi Kawaguchi, and Junichi Ito
    Estimating the Effective Wake Region (Current Shadow) of Artificial Reefs,
    Tae Gun Oh, Shinya Otake, and Moon Ock Lee
    Enhancing Food Production on the Continental Shelf by Artificial Seamounts,
    T. Suzuki and O. Hashimoto
    A Pathway to Resolving an Old Dilemma: Lack of Artificial Reefs in Fisheries Management,
    Stephen A. Bortone


    Stephen A. Bortone, Frederico Pereira Brandini, Gianna Fabi, Shinya Otake