234 Pages
    by Routledge

    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    Arts Marketing focuses on a variety of sectors within the arts and addresses the way in which marketing principles are applied within these, outlining both the similarities and the differences that occur. Relating policy to practice, this contributed text demonstrates the most effective means of marketing in specific areas of the arts, with each chapter having been written by a specialist in the field.

    Although primarily focusing on the UK market, the subject has global relevance and appeal, and policy is evaluated on national, European and supranational levels. Specialist topics dealt with range from the marketing of the theatre, opera, and museums, through to the film industry and popular music.

    Bibliographical notes
    Introduction (Finola Kerrigan, Peter Fraser, and Mustafa Ozbilgin)
    The marketing of popular music (Daragh O'Reilly)
    Marketing in the film industry (Finola Kerrigan)
    The marketing of theatre (Iain Fraser)
    The marketing of opera (Peter Fraser)
    Marketing and jazz (Dorothea Noble)
    The theory and practice of visual arts marketing (Ian Fillis)
    Museum marketing: understanding different types of audiences (Ruth Rentschler)
    Societal arts marketing: a multi-sectoral, inter-disciplinary and international perspective (Nil Navaie and Elif Shafak)
    Key issues in arts marketing (Peter Fraser, Finola Kerrigan, and Mustafa Ozbilgin)


    Finola Kerrigan