1st Edition

Asia and Europe The Development and Different Dimensions of ASEM

By Lay Hwee Yeo Copyright 2003

    This book provides a systematic and thorough examination of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) process which brings together the fifteen EU member states, the European Commission and ten East and Southeast Asian countries. The author not only traces the actual development of the ASEM process, but also contextualises ASEM within three different international relations theoretical frameworks, as viewed by realists, social constructivists and institutionalists.

    Introduction: Ideas Three Images of ASEM1. Ideas and Forces Behind the Conception of ASEM2. From Bangkok to Copenhagen3. ASEM as an Instrument for Diplomacy4. ASEM as an Instrument for Regional Integration5. ASEM as an Instrument for Regime Creation6. From Rhetoric to RealityConclusion: The Three Scenarios for ASEM


    Yeo Lay Hwee is Senior Research Fellow at the Singapore Institute of International Affairs.

    'The author gives an assessment of ASEM by sieving the rhetoric from the reality, and by examining its promises and potential.' - Oxfam's Development Resources Review