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    Asian Anthropology raises important questions regarding the nature of anthropology and particularly the production and consumption of anthropological knowledge in Asia. Instead of assuming a universal standard or trajectory for the development of anthropology in Asia, the contributors to this volume begin with the appropriate premise that anthropologies in different Asian countries have developed and continue to develop according to their own internal dynamics. With chapters written by an international group of experts in the field, Asian Anthropology will be a useful teaching tool and a valuable resource for scholars working in Asian anthropology.

    Notes on Contributors  Acknowledgments  Introduction  1. Asian Anthropologies and Anthropologies in Asia: An Introductory Essay Eyal Ben-Ari and Jan van Bremen  Asia  2. Indigenous and Indigenized Anthropology in Asia  Grant Evans  East Asia  3. Beyond Orthodoxy: Social and Cultural Anthropology in the People's Republic in China Frank Pieke  4. Anthropologists of Asia, Anthropologists in Asia: The Academic Mode of Production in the Semi-Periphery Jerry Eades  5. Native Discourse in the "Academic World System": Kunio Yanagita’s Project of Global Folkloristics Reconsidered Takami Kuwayama  6. Korean Anthropology: A Search for New Paradigms Okpyo Moon  South Asia  7. "Indigenizing" Anthropology in India: Problematics of Negotiating an Identity Vineeta Sinha  8. An Indian Anthropology? What Kind of Object is It? Roma Chatterji  South-East Asia  9. From Volkenkunde to Antropologi. The Emergence of Indonesian Anthropology in Post War Indonesia Michael Prager  10. Anthropology and the Nation State - Applied Anthropology in Indonesia Martin Ramstedt  Afterword  11. Indigenization: Features and Problems  Index


    Jan van Bremen was formerly Professor for the Centre for Japanese and Korean Studies in Leiden University.

    Eyal Ben-Ari is Professor at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    Syed Farid Alatas is Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore.