1st Edition

Assessment And Testing In The Primary School

By Colin Conner Copyright 1990

    First Published in 2004. The terms ‘assessment’ and ‘testing’ conjure up all sorts of images in most people’s minds. Rows of desks in quiet halls, working to the clock, trying to remember the answers to obscure and sometimes irrelevant questions. Recent invitations to teachers to reflect upon an occasion when they remember being assessed or tested drew up long-forgotten memories of the 11-plus or taking a first driving test. Often these were memories tinged with unhappiness, sadness and a feeling of failure. Assessment for many of us has been an emotional experience and it is not surprising that we should reject facing children with such experiences too early in their lives. This book looks at assessment as a positive experience in the primary classroom, as a fundamental feature of teaching and successful learning

    Chapter 1 Exploring Teachers’ Views about Assessment; Chapter 2 Assessment, Testing and the National Curriculum; Chapter 3 Two Steps Backwards, One Step Forwards? The Implications of Testing and Assessment for the Primary School; Chapter 4 Strategies for Assessment: Observation; Chapter 5 Other Ways In: A Research-based Approach to Assessment; Chapter 6 Recording and Reporting Assessments; Chapter 7 Towards a Policy for Assessment; Chapter 8 Case Studies of Assessment in Action; Chapter 9 Conclusion;


    Colin Conner