1st Edition

Assessment and Intervention Issues Across the Life Span

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    This volume evolved from the second life span development conference held at Southern Illinois University entitled "Assessment and Intervention Across the Lifespan." Providing an overview and consideration of important directions for research in areas of assessment and intervention across the lifespan, the presentations covered a variety of topic areas including social ecology, cultural diversity, attitudes about aging, as well as attention, visual, and linguistic skills.

    This volume consists of chapters based on the conference presentations as well as additional chapters by experts in related specialty areas discussing attachment theory, learning disabilities, and phonological processing. The second conference and volume continue the work of the first conference and its associated earlier volume.

    The chapters cover important interactions between assessment and intervention for each major developmental period; several emphasize the importance of early assessment and intervention. A common theme found throughout is the critical connection between basic research and practice. The editors hope this book will prove useful not only to researchers, but also to practitioners in related disciplines working with individuals of all ages.

    Contents: Preface. V.J. Molfese, S. Acheson, When Worlds Collide: Assessment Meets Intervention. G. Aylward, Environmental Influences: Considerations for Early Assessment and Intervention. P.M. Crittenden, Truth, Error, Omission, Distortion, and Deception: The Application of Attachment Theory to the Assessment and Treatment of Psychological Disorder. M.C. Vandervelden, L.S. Siegel, The Assessment of Phonological Processing in Early Literacy: A Developmental Approach. D.L. Molfese, A. Tan, S. Sarkari, L. Gill, Prediction and Intervention of School Age Language Problems Using Electrophysiological Measures Obtained at Birth. V.W. Berninger, S.P. Abbott, K. Greep, E. Reed, L. Sylvester, C. Hooven, A. Clinton, J. Taylor, R.D. Abbott, Directed Reading and Writing Activities: Aiming Instruction to Working Brain Systems. S. Vaughn, J.M. Sinagub, Social Assessment of At-Risk Populations: Implications for Students With Learning Disabilities. A. Vaux, Tending the Social Ecology: Alternative Intervention Strategies for Violent Behavior. C.M. Mitchell, Culturally Relevant Intervention With Minority Adolescents: Before the Beginning. L. Gannon, Perspectives on Biological, Social, and Psychological Phenomena in Middle- and Old-Age Women: Interference or Intervention? K. Ball, Enhancing Mobility in the Elderly: Attentional Interventions for Driving.


    Stephanie MC Dollinger, Stephanie M.C. Dollinger, Lisabeth F. DiLalla

    "...a strength of the volume is that all of the authors provide excellent literature reviews and background information to give sufficient understanding to those readers who may not be well versed on the particular subject area of the chapter....the editors have developed a well-written volume that presents both conceptual and research chapters on some major concerns of the life cycle. The text is rich in content, offers options that some may find controversial, and advances psychological theory and practice."
    Contemporary Psychology