1st Edition

Asset Pedagogies in Latino Youth Identity and Achievement Nurturing Confianza

By Francesca A. López Copyright 2018
    208 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    208 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Asset Pedagogies in Latino Youth Identity and Achievement explores the theory, research, and application of asset-based pedagogies to counter approaches that fail to challenge deficit views of youth. Presenting details on the role of teachers’ knowledge about students’ language and culture as strengths as opposed to deficiencies, Francesca A. López connects classroom practices to positive outcomes, preparing teachers to use asset pedagogies to promote academic achievement and implement asset-based teaching practices. Making thorough use of examples from research both in and out of the classroom and concluding with concrete applications from experienced educators, this book provides future teachers with a critical understanding of how to support Latino youth.

    Table of Contents


    Francesca López


    Amado Padilla

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    Francesca López

    Part I: A macro-to-micro overview of the context for Latino youth

    Chapter 2: Context for Latino Youth

    Francesca López

    Chapter 3: The Context of the Study: TUSD Desegregation and Obstacles for Latinos

    Francesca López

    Part II: Theories and Research

    Chapter 4: Altering Self-Fulfilling Prophesies: Teacher Beliefs and Teacher Behaviors

    Francesca López

    Chapter 5: Student Identity

    Francesca López

    Chapter 6: Policy Recommendations

    Francesca López

    Part III: Teacher Perspective on Asset-Based Pedagogy

    Chapter 7: Decolonizing Chican@ Studies to Rehumanize Xican@ Youth through Indigenous Pedagogies

    Mictlani González

    Chapter 8: A Counter Narrative: A Pedagogy of Love through Critical Race Theory

    José Alberto González

    Chapter 9: Culturally Responsive Practices in K-5 Classrooms

    Isabel Kelsey

    Chapter 10: On Becoming Human in White Skin

    Julie Elvick

    Chapter 11: Chicanismo and Carnalismo: An Asset Based Curriculum and Pedagogy

    Alexandro Salomón Escamilla


    Francesca A. López is Associate Professor of Education Policy Studies & Practice at the University of Arizona, USA.

    "Dr. Francesca López’s original, well-theorized text is brilliantly path-breaking, even as it has enormous implications for the somber reality of racialized suffering in our nation’s classrooms, on the one hand, and asset-based pedagogies as its antidote, on the other. She provides the analytical tools and empirical evidence needed to deconstruct the often subtle, everyday ways that children and youth of color get harmed and how to remedy it. A job well done!"

    —Angela Valenzuela, Professor of Education at the University of Texas at Austin, USA, and author of Subtractive Schooling, Leaving Children Behind, and Growing Critically Conscious Teachers

    "This book points the way to a truly authentic pedagogy for Latino youth, one that, with a strong research base, turns traditional pedagogy on its head: Latino students do not need remediation to ‘catch up,’ they need teaching that builds on their assets and allows them to flourish. This book is a must-read for all educators of Latino students."

    —Patricia Gándara, Professor of Education and Co-Director of the Civil Rights Project at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA