1st Edition

Attainment and Executive Functioning in the Early Years Research for Inclusive Practice and Lifelong Learning

By Hazel G. Whitters Copyright 2019
    104 Pages
    by Routledge

    102 Pages
    by Routledge

    Attainment and Executive Functioning in the Early Years combines knowledge and understanding from research with operational skills from practice in the early years. It presents the development of a sense of self which occurs between birth and five years, the effect of adverse childhood experiences, and the link to executive functioning in adulthood.

    The book supports the development of expertise which can be applied to enhance inclusive pedagogy, to nurture attainment and to contribute to life-long learning. It explores practice approaches which support children to gain a sense of self, to recognise the needs of others and to achieve fulfilment by operating with purpose. Research is accessed to gain knowledge and understanding of the complex processes which result in a demonstration of executive functioning in childhood.

    Attainment and Executive Functioning in the Early Years will be of great interest to academics, researchers and post-graduate students in the fields of early years’ care, and education. It will also appeal to those working within children’s services.

    1. The Autobiographical Sense of Self

    2. Implementation Gap and Professional Development

    3. Intra-personal and Inter-personal Communication

    4. Attainment and Executive Functioning

    5. Intergenerational Impact and Executive Functioning


    Hazel G. Whitters is a Senior Early Years’ Worker and Child Protection Officer in a family centre in Glasgow, Scotland. She has conducted research on the therapeutic relationship in child protection and early intervention.

    "This experienced and knowledgeable author once again provides a stimulating and insightful read aimed at Early Years practitioners but with relevance to educators in all fields given the focus on lifelong learning. This publication highlights the importance of applying theory and research in everyday practice in order to enhance inclusive pedagogy. The level of knowledge and understanding of theory and research in practice is demonstrated within this publication through examples from the authors’ extensive personal experience.

    The concepts of executive functioning not only in relation to attainment but importantly to an individual’s lifelong learning journey highlights the unique contribution each child brings to the world. This publication is an important contribution to developing practitioners’ expertise in providing inclusive lifelong learning."

    Tracey Murray, Community Learning and Development Practitioner and Doctoral Researcher, The University of the West of Scotland.