1st Edition

Automotive Antenna Design and Applications

ISBN 9781439804070
Published March 18, 2010 by CRC Press
330 Pages 265 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The steady evolution of wireless communication technologies continues to pave the way for the implementation of innovative services and devices in modern vehicles. These include analog and digital audio broadcasting radio, satellite radio, GPS, cell phones, and short range communication devices. Such applications require the use multiple antennas operating in different frequency ranges.

Automotive Antenna Design and Applications thoroughly examines traditional and new advanced automotive antennas, including the principles, designs, and techniques used to reduce antenna dimensions without significant degradation of communication quality. The contents of this book are based on cutting-edge data collected from numerous technical papers, patents, and patent applications. It presents an overview of many commercially available automotive antennas and covers features that have become standard in automotive applications, such as printed-on car glass antennas, reduced-size helical antennas, multiband compact, printed-on dielectric and patch designs in a single package.

Includes simulation examples of antenna parameters that significantly speed up the design process using software packages such as FEKO, NEC, IE3D, and Genesys

Highlighting the practical aspects of antenna design, the authors present passive and active designs and describe the entire design process, including antenna simulation, prototype sample fabrication, and laboratory test measurements. The book also covers the production adjustments that can result from the demands of the real car environment. The presentation of numerous examples of passive and active automotive antennas greatly enhances this reference’s value to professionals, students, and anyone else working in the ever-evolving field of antenna design and application.

Table of Contents

Automotive Antennas Overview: Patents, Papers, and Products
AM/FM Antenna Systems
Cellular Phone Antennas
Car TV Antennas
Satellite Radio Antennas
GPS Antenna Systems
Antennas for Short Range Communications
Thin Film Antennas
Digital Audio Broadcasting Design
Automotive Radar Antenna Systems
Antenna Packaging Issues
Basic Antenna Parameters and Definitions
Far Zone and Radiation Pattern
Polarization and Radiation Pattern Measurements
Directivity, Gain, Average Gain, and Antenna Beamwidth
Impedance, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio, Bandwidth, and Quality Factor
Impedance Matching Between Antenna and Car Receiver
Electrically Small Antennas
Radio Frequency Cables and Connectors
Notes on Decibels
Converting Field Strength to Power
Active and Diversity Receiving Antenna Systems
Signal and Noise Analysis of Active Antenna
Low Noise Amplifier Parameters
Active Antenna Gain
Low Noise Amplifiers for Electrically Small Antennas
Diversity Techniques
Audio Broadcasting Antennas
AM/FM Whip Antenna
Printed-on-Glass AM/FM Antennas
Short Roof AM/FM Antenna
Short Meander Antenna
Diversity FM Antennas
Antennas for Digital Audio Broadcasting
Cellular Antennas
Single Band Monopole on Roof
Glass Mounted Monopole
Dual-Band Monopole
Compact Printed Circuit Board Antennas
Dual-Band Inverted F Design
Rear View Mirror Mount
Bumper Installation
Combined FM/PCS Design
Integrated AM/FM/AMPS/PCS Design
Integrated PCS/RKE Design
Cellular Diversity Systems
TV Antennas for Cars
Satellite TV Antennas
Antennas for Digital Terrestrial TV
Printed-on-Glass Patent Examples
Bumper Diversity System
Compact Mast Monopole
Satellite Radio Antennas
Basic Passive Antenna Requirements
System with Two Antenna Elements
System with Single Patch Antenna Element
Simplified Engineering Formulas for Rectangular Passive Patch Parameters
Simulated Example of SDARS Patch
Commercially Available Passive Elements
Vertical Polarization Gain of Patch Antenna at Horizon Angle Direction
Ground Size Effects
On-Vehicle Antenna Location
Compact Dual-Polarized Antenna
Low Profile Cross Slot Antenna for SDARS Application
Glass Mount System
XM Truck Antenna
Active Design
Commercially Available Modules
SDARS Parameter Measurements
Diversity Circuits
GPS Antennas
Typical GPS Antenna Parameters
Patch Parameters and Ground Plane Size
On-Vehicle GPS Antenna Measurements
Circular Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna
Dual-Band GPS Antenna
Tri-Band Applications
Amplifier Circuit for Active Design
Combined GPS and Cellular Phone Systems
Combined GPS and SDARS Antenna System
Microstrip Antenna for GPS and DCS Applications
Integrated GPS/PCS/RKES System
Car Location Options
Diversity Antennas for GPS Applications
Antennas for Short Range Communication
Compact Planar Passive Antenna
Symmetrical and Asymmetrical 315 MHz Meander Line Printed on Dielectric Board
Considerations for Small Antennas
Active Meander Line Antenna Implementation for 315 MHz
Example of 433.9 MHz Antenna
Alternative Antenna Systems for Short Range Communication
Maximum Detection Range of RKE/RSE System
Effects of Auto Electronic Components on Communication Range
Signal and Noise Measurements for Antenna/Receiver Combination
Compact Diversity Antenna System for Remote Control Applications
Compact Antennas: Literature and Patent Review
Meander Line Antennas for Multifrequency Applications

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