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A Theory of Action Identification

A Theory of Action Identification

1st Edition

By Robin R. Vallacher, Daniel M. Wegner
August 01, 1985

First published in 1985. A person may be caught in the midst of a patently ridiculous act, interrupted in a moment of apparent confusion, or even aroused from sleep, and yet respond to a query of What are you doing? with remarkable ease. The answer that is given is an identification of action. It ...

Theories of Coalition Formation

Theories of Coalition Formation

1st Edition

By James P. Kahan, Amnon Rapoport
April 01, 1984

First published in 1984. In this book, the authors set forth the central ideas and results of the major theories of coalition forming behavior. These theories address situations of partial conflict of interest with the following aspects: (1) there are three or more players, (2) players may openly ...

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