2nd Edition

Battling Boredom, Part 2 Even More Strategies to Spark Student Engagement

By Bryan Harris, Lisa Bradshaw Copyright 2018
    130 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    130 Pages
    by Eye On Education

    Drive boredom out of your classroom—and keep it out—with the student engagement strategies in this book. In the first Battling Boredom, bestselling author Bryan Harris offered strategies on beginning a lesson, ending a lesson, small group work, and large group work. Now in Battling Boredom Part 2, Harris teams up with technology integration expert and former teacher Lisa Bradshaw to provide additional strategies on new topics such as academic talk, feedback, writing, classroom technology, and more. You’ll learn how to:

      • Increase the quality and effectiveness of feedback to boost student performance.
      • Engage students in meaningful reflection with writing prompts and exercises.
      • Reenergize a lethargic class using movement-based activities.
      • Integrate technology to create a more enriching classroom experience for students.
      • Encourage students to speak up, share their ideas, and talk about their learning.

    With this toolbox of instructional strategies, you’ll have even more ways to end student boredom before it begins, resulting in class time that’s more efficient, more educational, and loads more fun!


    About the Authors


    Part 1 – Academic Talk

    Artifacts, Realia, and Props

    Consultation Trios

    Conversation Extenders

    Finish the Thought

    Flip the Brainstorm

    Jumbled Sentences

    Key Word Lists

    Say It with Your Hands

    Take a Stance–Change Your Hat

    Turn on the Captions

    Part II – Energizers

    Ball Toss

    How Many Can You Name?

    Imagine That

    Stand, Stretch, and Breathe

    Stand When…

    Strike A Pose

    Table Top Memory


    The "Or" Game

    Who’s Missing?

    Part III – Feedback

    A-Z Brainstorm


    Audio/Video Examples



    Course Evaluations

    Find and Fix

    Post-Test Review

    Quick Quiz

    Ticket In the Door

    Part IV – Questioning

    Focal Points

    Here’s the Answer, Find the Question

    "I wonder…"

    Narrated Think Time

    Open and Closed Questions

    Powerful Images

    Questions Only

    Says Who?

    What If…?

    Who Am I?

    Part V - Technology

    Annotated Images


    Camera Scavenger Hunt

    Choice Boards

    Clickers Without Clickers

    Collaborative Sticky Notes


    Digital Whiteboards

    Explain Your Thinking

    QR Hunt

    Part VI – Vocabulary

    Act it Out

    Banned Words

    Big Word Alert

    Concentration Plus

    Illustrated Vocabulary

    Jump In Vocabulary

    Magnet Words

    Plus Two, Minus Two

    Word Jar

    Word of the Day

    Part VII – Writing


    Alter the Audience

    Expand the Sentence

    Fast Writing

    One-Word Summary

    Response Journal

    The Week in Review

    What, So What?

    Write On

    Write, Talk, Revise

    Part VIII – Student Engagement Strategies that Don’t Work

    Academic Decathlon

    Answer Hunt

    Anything with a "Robin" in it


    Extended Lecture


    Name First

    Rhetorical Questions

    Who Wants To...?





    Bryan Harris is the Director of Professional Development and Public Relations for the Casa Grande Elementary School District in Arizona.

    Lisa Bradshaw is the Director of Information Technology for the Casa Grande Elementary School District in Arizona.

    "Battling Boredom Part 2 is a must-have for all educators. As an easy read, it sets the context for the importance of student engagement through brain-based and educational research. Filled with pragmatic and useful classroom strategies for all levels, the book purposefully integrates technology into the classroom learning, promoting deeper engagement. Relevant and user friendly, Battling Boredom 2 is the desktop resource for today’s teacher."

    • Lezley Lewis, Executive Director of Teacher Learning, Fort Worth ISD

    "This book is PACKED with strategies to engage students. The strategies are specific, they include variations, and they are classroom-ready for action. Another winner!"

    • Eric Jensen, PhD, author of 30 books, including Teaching with the Brain in Mind.