1st Edition

Bearing Design in Machinery Engineering Tribology and Lubrication

By Avraham Harnoy Copyright 2002

    Covering the fundamental principles of bearing selection, design, and tribology, this book discusses basic physical principles of bearing selection, lubrication, design computations, advanced bearings materials, arrangement, housing, and seals, as well as recent developments in bearings for high-speed aircraft engines. The author explores unique solutions to challenging design problems and presents rare case studies, such as hydrodynamic and rolling-element bearings in series and adjustable hydrostatic pads for large bearings. He focuses on the design considerations and calculations specific to hydrodynamic journal bearings, hydrostatic bearings, and rolling element bearings.

    Classification and Selection of Bearings
    Lubricant Viscosity
    Fundamental Properties of Lubricants
    Principles of Hydrodynamic Lubrication
    Basic Hydrodynamic Equations
    Long Hydrodynamic Journal Bearing
    Short Journal Bearings
    Design Charts for Finite-Length Journal Bearings
    Practical Applications of Journal Bearings
    Hydrostatic Bearings
    Bearing Materials
    Rolling Element Bearings
    Selection and Design of Rolling Bearings
    Testing of Friction and Wear
    Hydrodynamic Bearings Under Dynamic Conditions
    Friction Characteristics
    Modeling Dynamic Friction
    Case Study: Composite Bearing-Rolling Element and Fluid Film in Series
    Non-Newtonian Viscoelastic Effects
    Orthopedic Joint Implants
    Appendix A: Units and Definitions of Material Properties
    Appendix B: Numerical Integration


    Avraham Harnoy is Professor and Director of the Bearings and Lubrications Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering Department, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark. The author or coauthor of numerous professional publications, he has had many years of diversified industrial and academic experience and has conducted extensive research in bearings design and lubrication. Dr. Harnoy received the D.Sc. degree from the Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.