1st Edition

Being and Becoming Teachers of Writing A Meaning-Based Approach to Authentic Writing Instruction

By Andrew P. Johnson Copyright 2024
    264 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    264 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This engaging, inviting textbook from a renowned expert in writing education provides all the knowledge, pedagogical strategies, and tools needed to enable any teacher to be an effective teacher of writing.

    Using the five-step writing process as a foundation, the text describes how to teach the necessary skills related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other writing mechanics, and addresses all major genres and stages of writing. Written in an authentic voice that exemplifies good writing, Johnson presents a variety of pragmatic, research-based strategies that support students’ writing development and encourage teachers to apply their own creativity and intelligence in the classroom.

    This is an essential text for courses in writing instruction, literacy methods, and teaching English Language Arts (ELA).

    Section I. Writing
    1. Research-Based Strategies and Evidence-Based Practices
    2. Making Raspberry Jelly and Teaching Writing
    3. The Language Arts and Learning to Write
    Section II. The Writing Process
    4. The Five-Step Writing Process
    5. Pre-Pre-Writing Strategies
    6. Strategies for Pre-Writing
    7. The Draft
    8. Revision
    9. Editing
    10. Sharing and Publishing
    11. The Basic Elements of Writing Workshop
    Section III. Writers
    12. Writing Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities
    13. Creating Literacy Learning Environments
    14. Writing, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, And the Race Thing
    Section IV. Writing Mechanics
    15. Using Direct Instruction to Teach Writing Skills
    16. Grammar and Punctuation
    17. A More Effective Approach to Spelling Instruction
    18. Sentences, Clauses, and Commas
    19. Paragraph Writing
    Section V. Types of Writing in A Writing Curriculum
    20. Persuasive Writing
    21. Narrative Writing
    22. Expository Writing Part 1: Cognitive Operations
    23. Expository Writing Part 2: Teaching, Topics, Data Gathering, and Form
    24. Scientific Writing
    25. Language Art
    26. Poetry
    27. Creative Dramatics and Writing
    28. Personal Communication
    Section VI. Standards And Assessment
    29. What Doesn’t Work for Assessment but Is Used Anyway
    30. Portfolios, Checklists, and Anecdotal Records
    31. How to Use Academic Standards for Writing


    Andrew P. Johnson is Professor of Literacy Instruction and Distinguished Faculty Scholar at Minnesota State University. He is the author of 16 books and over 50 academic articles and book chapters related to literacy, learning, and the human condition. He is the host of the podcast, The Reading Instruction Show at https://rss.com/podcasts/drandy

    "Being and Becoming Teachers of Writing is an ambitious and comprehensive examination of the sometimes-daunting complexity that is teaching writing. Teachers from a variety of backgrounds and experiences with writing and teaching writing will benefit from the meticulous detail and consideration Johnson offers, but beginning teachers and teachers outside the field of literacy are sure to treasure this work."

    Paul Thomas, EdDProfessor, Furman University

    "In a relatable, conversational style,  Dr. Johnson presents and discusses the process of learning to write. He emphasizes the importance of encouraging students to use their creativity and their own knowledge, and the fact that there is no one strategy or technique that successfully helps all children learn to write. He outlines, describes, and explains many ways to work with all writers, struggling or not. The format Dr. Johnson uses is consistent throughout the book by providing an overview, thorough and informative discussion, and big ideas to try. The scenarios, examples, and pictures are realistic, interesting, and helpful for understanding the concepts presented. If you work with children who are developing writing skills, or who are struggling and need to improve, this is the book for you. You will appreciate Dr. Johnson's wealth of information and his engaging style."

    Karen Eastman PhDProfessor, Minnesota State University

    "Dr. Johnson brings together theory and practice in an engaging manner that compels you to continue reading. He intersperses examples to illustrate concepts in memorable ways. Not only does Dr. Johnson value the expertise and creativity of teachers, but he also values the expertise and creativity of students by reminding teachers that student choice is critical for their development as writers at all grade levels. I look forward to sharing Being and Becoming Teachers of Writing: A Meaning-Based Approach to Writing Instruction with teachers and coaches."

    Dr. Tracee Farmer, Co-Director Reading Recovery Center for Literacy