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Big Data for Industry 4.0: Challenges and Applications

About the Series

Industry 4.0 or fourth industrial revolution refers to interconnectivity, automation and real time data exchange between machines and processes. There is a tremendous growth in big data from internet of things (IoT) and information services which drives the industry to develop new models and distributed tools to handle big data. Cutting-edge digital technologies are being harnessed to optimize and automate production including upstream supply-chain processes, warehouse management systems, automated guided vehicles, drones etc. The ultimate goal of industry 4.0 is to drive manufacturing or services in a progressive way to be faster, effective and efficient that can only be achieved by embedding modern day technology in machines, components, and parts that will transmit real-time data to networked IT systems. These, in turn, apply advanced soft computing paradigms such as machine learning algorithms to run the process automatically without any manual operations.

The new book series will provide readers with an overview of the state-of-the-art in the field of Industry 4.0 and related research advancements. The respective books will identify and discuss new dimensions of both risk factors and success factors, along with performance metrics that can be employed in future research work. The series will also discuss a number of real-time issues, problems and applications with corresponding solutions and suggestions. Sharing new theoretical findings, tools and techniques for Industry 4.0, and covering both theoretical and application-oriented approaches. The book series will offer a valuable asset for newcomers to the field and practicing professionals alike. The focus is to collate the recent advances in the field, so that undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, academicians, and Industry people can easily understand the implications and applications of the field.

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Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Applications

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Applications

1st Edition


Edited By Ankur Saxena, Nicolas Brault, Shazia Rashid
June 15, 2021

This book covers a wide range of topics on the role of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data for healthcare applications and deals with the ethical issues and concerns associated with it. This book explores the applications in different areas of healthcare and highlights the ...

Industry 4.0 Interoperability, Analytics, Security, and Case Studies

Industry 4.0 Interoperability, Analytics, Security, and Case Studies

1st Edition

Edited By G. Rajesh, X. Mercilin Raajini, Hien Dang
January 22, 2021

All over the world, vast research is in progress on the domain of Industry 4.0 and related techniques. Industry 4.0 is expected to have a very high impact on labor markets, global value chains, education, health, environment, and many social economic aspects. Industry 4.0 Interoperability, ...

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