2nd Edition

Bilingual Education From Compensatory To Quality Schooling

By María Estela Brisk Copyright 2006

    Bilingual Education: From Compensatory to Quality Schooling, Second Edition maintains its original purpose of synthesizing the research on successful bilingual education in order to demonstrate that quality bilingual education is possible and desirable.

    Findings from a wide range of studies are integrated to provide a clear picture of bilingual education in today's schools, and a professional understanding of the foundations and issues surrounding bilingual education programs. The recommendations offered provide a comprehensive basis for planning, developing, improving, and evaluating bilingual programs. For clarity, these recommendations are discussed with respect to the whole school, the curriculum, and the classroom, but it is stressed that they need to be applied in a holistic way because they depend on each other. All educators who work or will work with bilingual students--classroom teachers, administrators, and curricula developers--will find the information in this text essential and will appreciate the straightforward approach and easy reading style.

    New in the Second Edition:
    *A new Chapter 1, Pursuing Successful Schooling, includes the definition of success that frames the content of the book, and a review of how the research on bilingual education has changed.
    *Chapter 2, Bilingual Education Debate, is substantially revised to address major changes in demographics and legislation.
    *Chapter 3, Contextual and Individual Factors: Supports and Challenges, is updated to include important new research on the external and internal factors affecting learners and a new section on peers.
    *Chapter 4, Creating a Good School, is reorganized and updated.
    *Chapter 5, Creating Quality Curriculum, is updated throughout, particularly the sections on teaching content areas and assessment.
    *Chapter 6, Creating Quality Instruction, includes extensive new material in the sections on "Teaching English and In English" and "Teaching Students with Limited Schooling."
    *Chapter 7, Beyond the Debate, has an extensive new section describing and analyzing how the framework for quality education can be used as a guide to help create a new program.

    Contents: Preface. Pursuing Successful Schooling. Bilingual Education Debate. Contextual and Individual Factors: Support and Challenges. Creating a Good School. Creating Quality Curricula. Creating Quality Instruction. Beyond the Debate.


    María Estela Brisk

    "This book serves as a great resource for fostering discussion and weighing the bilingual debate in concrete ways....a superb introduction to bilingual education and its complexities. The book represents this layer topic, yet offers readers accessible entry points for considering these issues from the policy level down to the classroom....a well-documented base for further considering any issue in bilingual education."
    Language Learner, July/August 2006