1st Edition

Bioactive Foods and Extracts Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Edited By Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy Copyright 2010
    664 Pages 141 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Though there is considerable historical and anecdotal record for the use and efficacy of the cancer preventative properties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs, modern healthcare professionals require scientific evidence and verifiable results to make defensible decisions on the benefits, risks, and value of botanicals and their extracts in the prevention and treatment of cancers.

    Presenting research-based evidence of the role of herbs and bioactive foods in the prevention and treatment of cancer, Bioactive Foods and Extracts: Cancer Treatment and Prevention provides the scientific basis for millennia of empirical evidence. Divided into four sections, the book begins with a look at herbal medicines and bioactive foods in cancer prevention in general including the benefits of Greco-Arabic and Islamic herbal medicine, Indian vegetarian diet, and a range of culinary spices.

    The second section considers specific bioactive foods in cancer prevention. Chapters include in-depth discussions of phytochemicals and their therapeutic action within the body, curcumin-mediated cellular response, and the mechanism and use of prunes and plums, mushrooms, and tomato-based products. The third section takes a focused look at certain cancers such as colon, prostate, breast, and lung cancer. Substances analyzed include ginseng, pentacyclic triterpenes from olives, cruciferous vegetables, and fruit phenolics, as well as alcohol and its associated risks. The final section investigates non-botanical supplements including vitamin D, calcium, selenium, and probiotics.

    Providing an important scientific and evidence-based record on an increasingly popular branch of modern healthcare, this indispensible reference brings together the analytical research of modern science and the wisdom of herbal and food based medicine and puts them at your fingertips.

    Herbal Medicines and Bioactive Foods and Cancer Treatment
    Glucosinolates in Brassica and Cancer, P. Velasco, M. Francisco, and M.E. Cartea
    MK615, an Extract of the Japanese Apricot (ume): A Promising Anticancer and Anti-Infl ammatory Compound, T. Sawada and K. Kubota
    Rhodiola and Related Plants: A Role in Cancer Prevention and Therapy, K.J. Gauger and S. Smith Schneider
    Greco-Arab and Islamic Herbal Medicine and Cancer Treatment/Prevention, O. Said, H. Zaid, and B. Saad
    Indian Vegetarian Diet and Cancer Prevention, M. Shrinath Baliga, J. J. D’Souza, R. Haniaddka, and R. Arora
    Isothiocyanate-Modifi ed Pathways in Cancer Prevention and Treatment, J. Jakubikova and J. Sedlak
    Is Tulsi a Panacea for Cancer Prevention and/or Therapy? An Evidence-Based Revisit, M. Shrinath Baliga, F. Fazal, R. Wilson, and R. Arora
    Culinary Spices in Cancer Chemoprevention, J.R. Endres, I. Qureshi, A. Clewell, and A.G. Schauss

    Bioactive Foods and Supplements in Cancer Prevention
    Bioactive Foods in Cancer Prevention, R. Sharma and J. Katz
    Curcumin-Mediated Cellular Responses in Chemical Carcinogenesis: In Vivo Studies, G.B. Maru, A.G. Ramchandani, G. Kumar, and R.Garg
    Prunes and Plums in Health Promotion, F.M. Cordova and R.R. Watson
    Cancer Preventive Phytochemicals from Southeast Asian Countries: In Vivo Activities and Underlying Molecular Mechanisms, A. Murakami
    Mushroom-Derived Substances for Cancer Prevention and Treatment, N. Ruimi, N. Dotan, Y. Menachem, J. Bartuv-Tal, and J. Mahajna
    Dietary Phytochemicals in Prevention and during Cancer Treatment, A.-R. Waladkhani
    Effect of Phytochemicals on Stress Management and Mental Health, A.-R.Waladkhani
    Fruits, Vegetables, and Their Extracts in Health of the Upper Gastrointestinal Tract, S. Bolourchi-Vaghefi
    Significance of Processing for the Chemopreventive Potential of Tomato- Based Products, V.V. Mossine and T.P. Mawhinney
    Glycemic Index, Glycemic Load, and Cancer Risk, H.G. Mulholland, L.J. Murray, and M.M. Cantwell

    Cancers Specific, Targeted Therapies with Bioactive Foods and Their Products
    Bioactive Foods and Extracts in Prostate Cancer Prevention, F.A. Yafi and W. Kassouf
    Control of Prostate Cancer Proliferation and Gene Expression Using Herbal Supplements, J.M. Wu and T. Hsieh
    Plant-Derived Antioxidants and Use in Prevention and Treatment of Prostate Cancer, C.M. Abersold and S. Bolourchi-Vaghefi
    Cruciferous Vegetables and Their Components in the Prevention of Breast Cancer, S.E. Steck
    The Role of Flavonoids in Fruits and Vegetables Related to Breast Cancer Prevention, C. Christie, N. Correa-Matos, L. Wright, J.A. Watkins, and A. Bouziane
    Chemopreventive Properties of Ginseng Compounds on Colon Cancer, C.-Z. Wang and C.-S. Yuan
    Effects of Pentacyclic Triterpenes from Olives on Colon Cancer, M.E. Juan and J.M. Planas
    Fruit Phenolics in Colon Cancer Prevention and Treatment, M.A. Lea
    Diet, Epigenetics, and Colonic Fermentation and Their Role in Colorectal Cancer, R.P. Arasaradnam and K.D. Bardhan
    Alcohol Consumption and Risk of Colorectal Cancer, B.W.C. Bongaerts and M.P. Weijenberg
    Plants Antioxidants and Lung Cancer Risk, A. Ruano-Raviña, M. Pérez-Ríos, and J.M. Barros-Dios
    Epidemiologic Review of Head and Neck Cancers, Oral Precancers, and Dietary Risk Factors in India, M. Hashibe

    Nonbotanical Dietary Components
    Vitamin D and Cancer, A. Teichert and D.D. Bikle
    Dietary Selenium and Liver Cancer, D.N. Stemm and H.P. Glauert
    Cancer, Probiotics, and Clinical Practice, G.V. Zuccotti, F. Meneghin, and D. Dilillo
    Indian Herbal Medicine for Cancer Therapy and Prevention: Bench to Bedside, R. Arora, P. Malhotra, R. Chawla, D. Gupta, R.K. Sharma, and M. Shrinath Baliga
    Dietary Intake and the Development of Lung Cancer, L. Wright, C. Christie, and J.A. Watkins
    Herbs and Bioactive Compounds in Prevention and Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma, A. Sehrawat and V. Kumar
    New Zealand Christmas Tree: Historic Uses and Cancer Prevention, F.M. Cordova and R.R. Watson
    Nutrition and Colorectal Cancer, M. Rangarajan and G.E. Mullin
    Feijoa (Pineapple Guava) Fruit: A Role in Health Promotion?, M.C. Argüelles and R.R. Watson
    Indian Bael (Aegle marmelos) for the Prevention/Treatment of Cancer: Weighing Cost versus Benefit, M. Shrinath Baliga, H.P. Bhat, P. Venkatesh, R.K. Sharma, and R. Arora


    Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy