1st Edition

Biochemical Aspects of Crop Improvement

By K. R. Khanna Copyright 1990
    472 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book provides a comprehensive review at the biochemical and molecular level of the processes and techniques that contribute to crop improvement. General topics include a historical perspective of the advancements in crop improvement; cultivar systematics and biochemical and molecular markers in crop improvement programs; the genetics of physiological and biochemical processes affecting crop yield; the genetics of photosynthesis, chloroplast, relevant enzymes, and mutations; osmoregulation/adjustment and the production of protective compounds in relation to drought tolerance; and the biochemistry of disease resistance, including elicitors, defense response genes, their role in the production of phytoalexins and other strategies against pathogens. Other topics include quality breeding (e.g., molecular gene structure, changing individual amino acids, enhancing nutritive value of proteins) and biotechnology/genetic engineering. Geneticists, biochemists, botanists, agricultural specialists and others involved in crop improvement and breeding should consider this volume essential reading.

    INTRODUCTION. Crop Improvement in the Perspective of Agricultural Advancement and the Necessity for Investigations at the Molecular Level. BIOCHEMISTRY IN CLASSIFICATION AND MOLECULAR MARKERS FOR CROP IMPROVEMENT. Biochemical Characterization of Cultivated Species, Cultivars, and Their Wild Relations. Isozyme Markers and Their Significance in Crop Improvement. Recent Advances in Analyzing Chromosome Structure in Cereals and Their Impact on Breeding Programs. GENETICS OF PHYSIOLOGICAL/BIOCHEMICAL PROCESSES AFFECTING YIELD. Genetics of Photosynthetic Components in Relation to Productivity. Genetic Aspects of Water Relations and Drought Resistance in Crops. BIOCHEMISTRY OF DISEASE RESISTANCE. Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics of Plant-Pathogen Systems. QUALITY IMPROVEMENT AND MODIFICATION. Improvement of Cereal Seed Proteins. Genetics of Fatty Acid Composition and Breeding for Modified Seed Oils. Genetics of Secondary Plant Products and Breeding for Their Improved Content and Modified Quality. BIOTECHNOLOGY/GENETIC ENGINEERING. Biochemical Perspectives in Tissue Culture for Crop Improvement. Genetic Strategies for Improved Nitrogen Fixation and Utilization by Crops. Pollen Biotechnology in Crop Improvement. Genetic Transformation and Crop Improvement. Mitochondrial Genome with Special Reference to Male Sterility.


    K. R. Khanna