1st Edition

Biographical Dictionary of North American and European Educationists

By Richard Aldrich, Peter Gordon Copyright 1997

    This is a guide to the lives and work of more than 500 Americans, Canadians and Europeans in the categories subsumed under the term "educationists". Entries are almost entirely restricted to those with main careers in the 19th and 20th centuries; none of the subjects is still living.

    The Independent- "...a remarkable guide to the lives and work of 900 educationists. It is crammed with colourful and, above all, readable pen portraits."

    Paedagogica Historica - "The book is a valuable addition to the growing literature on "lives" that has added an important personal dimension to the study of education in recent years. It will be useful to students at the undergraduate and graduate levels and will be a valuable starting point for researchers in education and related disciplines. Finally, it will stimulate many kinds of readers to think more deeply about the nature of education and the wide variety of people who engage in it."

    History of Education -"A work of reference which will be of great value to historians of education."

    History of Education Review - "A valuable reference work... Every historian of education should have a copy near at hand."

    History of Education Society Bulletin- " The Biographical Dictionary is a well-written,authoritative, concise introduction to the men and women who helped shape the educational profession and school systems in the Western world since 1800.


    Richard Aldrich, Peter Gordon