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Biographical Sources of the 19th Century Pioneers of the American Women’s Education

Edited By Tatsuro Sakamoto
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    This is a collection of either autobiographies or contemporary records of the lives of eight leaders of nineteenth-century American women educators. Involved in the foundation of women’s schools and colleges in various parts of America, they played very important roles to form the American women’s intellectual background. Like Mary Lyon’s influence on Emily Dickinson, they are not only important source materials to study women’s history and education, but also better to understand the philosophical aspects of American women’s literature.

    Volume I: Sarah Pierce 1767–1852  Vanderpoel, Emily Noyes  Chronicles of a Pioneer School from 1792 to 1833, being the History of Miss, Sarah Pierce and Her Litchfield School  Volume II: Sarah Pierce  Vanderpoel, Emily Noyes  More Chronicles of a Pioneer School from 1792 to 1833  Volume III: Emma Willard 1787–1870  Emma Willard and Her Pupils, or, Fifty Years of Troy Female Seminary: 1822–1872  Beecher, Catherine Esther (1800–78), Educational Reminiscences and Suggestions Volume IV: Mary Lyon 1797–1849  Hitchcock, Edward  The Power of Christian Benevolence, Illustrated in the Life and Labors of Mary Lyon  Volume V: Frances E. Willard 1839–98 Glimpses of Fifty Years: the Autobiography of an American Woman  Volume VI: Ellen H. Richards 1842–1911  Caroline L. Hunt  The Life of Ellen H. Richards  Volume VII: Alice Freeman Palmer 1855–1902  George Herbert Palmer The Life of Alice Freeman Palmer



    Edited by Tatsuro Sakamoto, Soka University