Biological Effects of Low Level Exposures Dose-Response Relationships  book cover
1st Edition

Biological Effects of Low Level Exposures Dose-Response Relationships

ISBN 9781566700931
Published May 19, 1994 by CRC Press
320 Pages

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Book Description

Biological Effects of Low-Level Exposures, more commonly referred to as BELLE, began as a conference in May 1990. Its members are committed to the enhanced understanding of low-dose responses of all types to human exposures to chemical and physical agents, whether of an expected or paradoxical nature.
The focus of BELLE encompasses dose-response relationships to toxic agents, pharmaceuticals, and natural products over wide dosage ranges in both in vitro systems and in vivo systems, including human populations. While BELLE promotes the scientific understanding of low-level effects, its primary goal is the scientific evaluation of existing literature and ways to improve research and assessment methods.

Table of Contents

Historical, Philosophical, Conceptual Foundations of BELLE Research
Changing Scientific Paradigms, K.F. Schaffner
A Brief History and Critique of the Low Dose Effects Paradigm, L. Sagan
Primer on BELLE, E.J. Calabrese
Commentary on Changing Paradigms: Consistencies and Inconsistencies of Changes in Molecular to Biological Events During Malignant Progression in Transformed Human Cells, G.E. Milo
Biological Effects of Low Level Exposure to Chemicals
Nonmonotonic Dose-Response Relationships in Toxicological Studies, J.M. Davis and D.J. Svendsgaard
Biostatistical Approaches to Low Level Exposures, D.W. Gaylor
Responses in Humans to Low Level Exposures, R.R. Cook
Cellular and Molecular Foundations of Hormetic Mechanisms, H.M. Mehendale
Modulation of Toxicity by Diet: Implications for Response at Low Level Exposures, A. Turutrro and R. Hart
Biological Effects of Low Level Exposure to Radiation
What Can be Learned from Epidemiologic Studies of Persons Exposed to Low Doses of Radiation? E.S. Gilbert
Positive Health Effects of Low Level Radiation in Human Populations, M. Pollycove
Test of the Linear-No Threshold Theory of Radiation Carcinogenesis, B.L. Cohen
Bayesian Estimation of Incidence Change-Points in Low Dose Experimental and Epidemiologic Studies, B.A. Carnes
Radiation-Induced Carcinogenesis: Paradigm Considerations, J.E. Trosko
Stress Proteins and Radiation, J. Smith-Sonneborn
Adaptive Responses After Exposure to Low Dose Radiation, C.K. Hill and T. Godfrey
BELLE Conference Perspectives and Summary
Synopsis of the BELLE Conference on Chemicals and Radiation, J.D. Graham
New Perspectives on Dose-Response Relationships and Low Level Exposures, J. Higginson
BELLE Conference: A Summary, L. Sagan
Appendix: What is BELLE? Where is BELLE and Who Sponsors It?
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
List of Contributors

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