1st Edition

Chemical Sensitivity Tools, Diagnosis and Method of Treatment, Volume IV

By William J. Rea Copyright 1996
    928 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This fourth and final volume of Chemical Sensitivity introduces and explains diagnostic and treatment practices that have been successfully used with thousands of chemically sensitive patients. Applications of various treatment methods are discussed, including:

  • Heat depuration
  • Injection therapy
  • Nutrition replacement
  • Endocrine treatment
  • Tolerance moderators
  • Behavior therapy
  • Surgery
    Volume 4: Tools for Diagnosis and Methods of Treatment also offers insight into the nature of long-term results of appropriate diagnosis and treatment of chemical sensitivity.

    Features of the volumes comprising Chemical Sensitivity:
  • Presents results from studies of more than 20,000 Environmental Health Center (EHC) patients under controlled conditions
  • Incorporates the results from study and treatment of an estimated 100,000 patients from other environmentally oriented physicians and scientists around the world
  • Describes techniques for removal of toxins from the body
  • Identifies the effects of environmental pollutants on known mechanisms of immune and nonimmune detoxification systems
  • Emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between endocrine, immunological, and neurological systems and their nutrient fuels
  • Tools of Diagnosis and Methods of Treatment, Introduction: Therapy for the Chemically Sensitive Patient, History and Physical, Laboratory, Environmental Control Unit (ECU), Reduction of Chronic Total Body Overload through Avoidance of Pollutants in Air, Avoidance - Water, Avoidance - Food, Thermal Chamber Depuration and Physical Therapy, Injection Therapy, Intradermal Testing and Subcutaneous Injection Treatment, Nutrition Replacement, Endocrine Treatment, Tolerance Moderators, Psychological Concomitants of Chemical Sensitivity: Evaluation and Treatment, Surgery in the Chemically Sensitive, Long-Term Follow-Up, Index


    Rea\, William J.