2nd Edition

Biomass to Renewable Energy Processes

Edited By Jay Cheng Copyright 2018
    450 Pages 200 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Biomass to Renewable Energy Processes, Second Edition, explains the theories of biological processes, biomass materials and logistics, and conversion technologies for bioenergy products such as biogas, ethanol, butanol, biodiesel, and synthetic gases. The book discusses anaerobic digestion of waste materials for biogas and hydrogen production, bioethanol and biobutanol production from starch and cellulose, and biodiesel production from plant oils. It addresses thermal processes, including gasification and pyrolysis of agricultural residues and woody biomass. The text also covers pretreatment technologies, enzymatic reactions, fermentation, and microbiological metabolisms and pathways.




    1. Introduction

    Jay. J. Cheng

    2. Biomass Chemistry

    Deepak R. Keshwani

    3. Biomass Resources

    Wenqiao Yuan, Ziyu Wang, and Deepak R. Keshwani

    4. Biomass Logistics

    Matthew W. Veal

    5. Kinetics and Microbiology of Biological Processes

    Jay. J. Cheng

    6. Anaerobic Digestion for Biogas Production

    Jay. J. Cheng

    7. Biological Process for Ethanol Production

    Jay. J. Cheng

    8. Biological Process for Butanol Production

    Maurycy Daroch, Jian-Hang Zhu, and Fangxiao Yang

    9. Chemical Conversion Process for Biodiesel Production

    Wenqiao Yuan and Fangxiao Yang

    10. Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass to Power and Fuels

    Hasan Jameel and Deepak R. Keshwani



    Jay J. Cheng (Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, Environmental Engineering) is a Professor of Biological and Environmental Engineering at North Carolina State University. He works in the area of environmental engineering & bioenergy processes and his primary focus is on research and teaching. His research and grants investigate bioenergy processes and waste treatments, and his program centers on international research collaborations demonstrated by over 50 key-note speeches and seminars in the US, China, Europe, and South America. He has served as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Environmental Engineering and is the present associate editor of the Journal of (Chinese) Biology. Dr. Cheng has served on more than 15 national and international professional committees and is well recognized for his research work. In addition to his research program Cheng teaches a course in "Biomass to Renewable Energy Processes" and he has mentored 16 graduate students. Cheng is an associate faculty member of NCSU Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering and an adjunct faculty member of the Peking University - Graduate School of Environment and Energy in Shenzhen, China. Cheng is a member of the society of Biological and Agricultural Engineers (ASABE), International Water Association (IWA), Water Environment Federation (WEF), Association of Overseas Chinese Agricultural, Biological, and Food Engineers (AOC), and Chinese Association for Science and Technology in USA (CAST-USA).