1st Edition

Biomaterials and Materials for Medicine Innovations in Research, Devices, and Applications

Edited By Jingan Li Copyright 2022
    384 Pages 51 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Biomaterials and Materials for Medicine: Innovations in Research, Devices, and Applications provides an application-oriented summary of innovations in this rapidly evolving field, offering a view of various directions in biomaterials and medical materials and their advanced uses.

    • Highlights vascular, orthopedic, skin tissue engineering, and nerve tissue engineering biomaterials, including the latest research on therapeutic devices and implants
    • Introduces special stent materials for palliative treatment of esophageal cancer and related technologies of surface modification
    • Discusses use of biomaterials and related designs in drug targeting and controlled release
    • Describes wearable biomedical devices, biomimetic materials, and micronscale and nanoscale biomaterials
    • Details the theoretical calculation and computer simulation of biomaterials as a complementary discipline with physical experimental science

    This book is aimed at an interdisciplinary group of researchers working on development and application of biomaterials for medical applications in the fields of materials scientists, biomedical engineering, and medicine.

    Chapter 1 Cardiovascular Therapeutic Devices: Material and Fabrication Progress

    Xiao Luo, Dan Zou, and Li Li

    Chapter 2 Vascular Patches: Past and Future, Problems, and Solutions

    Hualong Bai, Yanhua Xu, Hao He, Xin Li, Chang Shu, Jingan Li, Quancheng Kan, and Alan Dardik

    Chapter 3 Biomaterials for Fabricating Vascularized Scaffolds in Tissue Engineering

    Yonghong Fan, Yinhua Qin, Xinxin Li, Yuhao Wang, Youqian Xu, and Chuhong Zhu

    Chapter 4 Biomaterials and Coatings for Artificial Hip Joints

    Y. Ren

    Chapter 5 Overview of Polymeric Biomaterials for Dental Applications

    Zichen Wu, Xiaoxuan Lu, Xiaowei Wang, Xiangyang Li, and Jialong Chen

    Chapter 6 Recent Progress of Hydrogel in Skin Tissue Engineering

    Kun Zhang, Shuaimeng Guan, Longlong Cui, Jiankang Li, Jiaheng Liang, and Jingjing Su

    Chapter 7 3D Printing in Nerve Regeneration

    Guicai Li and Liling Zhang

    Chapter 8 Progress in Biomaterials for Application of Esophageal Stents

    Yachen Hou, Jingan Li, Aqeela Yasin, and Mujiahid Iqbal

    Chapter 9 High-Performance Materials for Targeted and Controlled Drug Delivery Systems

    Jinjie Zhang

    Chapter 10 Wearable/Attachable Sensors and Biosensors

    Jingwen Li, Haiyang Liu, and Yifeng Lei

    Chapter 11 Micro/Nanobiomaterials

    Shuo Wang

    Chapter 12 Bioinspired Design for Medical Applications

    Feng Wu

    Chapter 13 Modeling and Simulation of Biomaterials

    Zhe Fang, Yu Zhao and Hongyan Wang



    Jingan Li is Professor, School of Material Science and Engineering, Zhengzhou University, China.