1st Edition

Biomaterials for Delivery and Targeting of Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Edited By Ram I. Mahato Copyright 2005
    708 Pages 4 Color & 220 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Newcomers to the field of biopharmaceuticals require an understanding of the basic principles and underlying methodology involved in developing protein- and nucleic acid-based therapies for genetic and acquired diseases.

    Biomaterials for Delivery and Targeting of Proteins and Nucleic Acids introduces the principles of polymer science and chemistry, as well as the basic biology required for understanding how biomaterials can be used as drug-delivery vehicles. No book to date combines a discussion of high-tech biomaterials-based delivery of protein and nucleic acid drugs with the pharmaceutical or biocompatibility aspects. Featuring contributions from leading experts from around the world, this text discusses physiochemical parameters used for design, development, and evaluation of biotechnological dosage forms for delivery of proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, and genes. The authors also present biological barriers to extravasation and cellular uptake of proteins and nucleic acids.

    Combining an introduction to biomaterial delivery with the latest developments in the field, this is a valuable reference for both the novice student and the practicing scientist on delivery of biomaterials, on biomedical polymers, and on polymer therapeutics. Understanding these core fundamentals is critical to moving on to more advanced study.

    Structures, Properties, and Characterization of Biomaterials, A. Nan and H. Ghandehari
    Step-Reaction and Ring-Opening Polymerization, R.P. Pawar and A.J. Domb
    Copolymer, Block Copolymers Stimuli-Sensitive Polymers, K.M. Huh, S.C. Lee, Y.J. and K. Park
    Polymer Solution Properties, Polymer Networks, Micelles, Dendrimers, Hydrogels, T. Ooya and K. Park
    Protein Conjugation, Cross-linking and PEGylation, K.D. Hinds
    Complement Activation by Injectable Polymeric Carriers, C. Passirani and J-P. Benoit
    Biological Membranes and Barriers, Y. Omidi and M. Gumbleton
    Pharmacokinetics of Proteins and Nucleic Acid Drugs, B. Meibohm
    In Vivo Fate of Polymeric GENE Carriers, D. Fischer
    Subcellular Fate of sProteins and Nucleic Acids, D. Oupicky
    Stability of Proteins and Nucleic Acids, Z-R. Lu
    Formulation, Stability and Characterization of Protein and Peptide Drugs, S. Frokjaer
    Micro- and Nanoparticulate Polymeric Delivery Systems for Nucleic Acid-based Medicines, S.P. Barman and M.L. Hedley
    Liposomal Delivery Systems of Proteins and Peptide Drugs, V. Torchillin
    Mechanisms of Cellular Drug Resistance and Strategies to Overcome It, T. Minko
    Transporters as Molecular Targets for Drug Delivery and Disposition, I. Tamai
    Protein Transduction Domains as a Novel Tool for Delivery of Protein, Peptides and Nucleic Acids, R.L. Pastori, M.M. Ribeiro, D. Klein, and C. Ricordi
    Introduction to Therapeutic Nucleic Acids, A. G. Schätzlein
    Antisense and Antigene Oligonucleotide Delivery, R.I. Mahato, Z. Ye, and R.V. Guntaka
    Artificial Nucleic Acid Chaperones, A. Maruyama
    Basic Components of Plasmid-Based Gene Expression Systems, M. Lee and S.W. Kim
    Design Elements of Polymeric Gene Carriers, J.S. Choi and J.-S. Park


    Ram I. Mahato is an assistant professor of pharmaceutics and drug delivery at the Departments of Pharmaceutical Seiences and Biomedical Engineering, University of Tennessee, Memphis.

    "…provides an excellent introduction to the use of biomaterials in the delivery and targeting of proteins, nucleic acids, genes, and other large molecules….excellent…remarkably integrated…rationally organized."
    J. Howard Rytting, Ph.D., University of Kansas Medical Center