2nd Edition

Biomedical Sensors and Instruments

    424 Pages 339 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The living body is a difficult object to measure: accurate measurements of physiological signals require sensors and instruments capable of high specificity and selectivity that do not interfere with the systems under study. As a result, detailed knowledge of sensor and instrument properties is required to be able to select the "best" sensor from one of the many designed to meet these challenges.

    From the underlying principles to practical applications, this updated edition of Biomedical Sensors and Instruments provides an easy-to-understand introduction to the various kinds of biomedical sensors. The book presents state-of-the-art discussions of sensors for the measurements of pressure, flow, motion, temperature, heat flow, evaporation, biopotential, biomagnetism, and chemical quantities.

    Fundamental Concepts
    Signals and Noise in the Measurement
    Characteristics of the Measurement System
    Determination of Absolute Quantity
    Units of Measurement Quantities
    Pressure Measurements
    Object Quantities
    Direct Pressure Measurement
    Indirect Pressure Measurement
    Flow Measurement
    Object Quantities
    Blood Flow Measurements in Single Vessels
    Tissue Blood Flow Measurement
    Respiratory Gas Flow Measurements
    Motion and Force Measurement
    Objects of Measurement
    Motion Measurements
    Force Measurements
    Temperature, Heat Flow, and Evaporation Measurements
    Object Quantities
    Temperature Sensors
    Noncontact Temperature Measurement Techniques
    Clinical Thermometers
    Heat Flow Measurements
    Evaporation Measurement
    Bioelectric and Biomagnetic Measurements
    Objects of Measurements
    Electrode Theory
    Surface Potential Electrodes
    Micro and Suction Electrodes
    Chemical Measurement
    Objects of Measurements
    Chemical Sensors
    Continuous Measurements of Chemical Quantities


    Tatsuo Tagawa, Toshiyo Tamura, P. Ake Oberg