Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control : Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress on Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control. Delft, The Netherlands, September 28-30, 2009 book cover
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Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control
Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress on Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control. Delft, The Netherlands, September 28-30, 2009

ISBN 9780415582704
Published May 17, 2010 by CRC Press
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Book Description

Energy and feedstock materials for the chemical industry show an increasing demand. With constraints related to availability and use of oil, the energy and chemical industry is subject to considerable changes. The need for the use of cheaper and widely available feedstocks, and the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly chemical processes is growing rapidly under both economical and public pressure.

Therefore, waste gas treatment has gradually been integrated into the process design. Instead of discharging their waste gases into the atmosphere, industries increasingly attempt to become self-sufficient and recover compounds from their own wastestreams or use (upgraded) wastestreams of neighbouring industries as raw material.

The proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control, held on 28-30 September 2009 in Delft, the Netherlands, give an overview of innovative biotechnology based processes for treatment of waste gasses. Various innovative research aspects of environmental chemistry, environmental engineering, and bioprocess technology are discussed.

Table of Contents


Waste gas treatment – keynotes

1 Bioprocesses for waste gas treatment
c. kennes

2 Biological control of industrial VOC emissions in North America – 20 years of evolution
j.t. boswell

Waste gas treatment – process fundamentals

3 Two liquid phase partitioning bioreactor system for biodegradation of pyrene by Mycobacterium frederiksbergense
b. mahanty, k. pakshirajan & v.v. dasu

Biofiltration – organic pollutants

4 a-Pinene removal from air in one- and two- liquid-phase thermophilic and mesophilic biotrickling filters
m. montes, e.r. rene, m.c. veiga & c. kennes

5 Effect of polyamine on adsorption and degradation of toluene by biocomposite based on natural fiber
v.a.e. barrios & o.b.g. acosta

6 Biofiltration of n-hexane in the presence of different levels of benzene vapors
a.a. hassan & g.a. sorial

7 Effects of inlet concentration and shut down on the biofiltration of isoamyl alcohol vapors
j.p.s. vinasco, a.j.a. lópez & m.j.l. rojas

8 Comparison between laboratory and pilot biotrickling filtration of air emissions from painting and wood finishing
c. gabaldón, v. martínez-soria, j.-m. penya-roja, f. sempere, m. izquierdo & j. palau

9 Removal of a mixture of VOCs using immobilized yeast strain Candida tropicalis in an airlift bioreactor
h.-k. namgung, j.h. kang, s.-j. hwang & j. song

10 Effects of adding ozone on a biofilter treating gaseous chlorobenzene: Performance change and mechanism
c. wang, j.-y. xi, h.-y. hu & y. yao

Biofiltration – keynotes

11 Biofiltration – from past to future – a scientific view
f.-b. frechen & w. franke

12 Biofiltration – full scale applications – challenges and solutions
t.j. schulz

Emission control

13 Composition of air emissions from tobacco factories and development of the biocatalyst for odor control
n.a. zagustina, a.k. kulikova, m.e. romanov, a.o. ruzhitsky, v.g. zhukov, v.o. popov, n.i. krikunova, t.a. misharina, m.b. terenina & a.a. veprizky

14 Characterization of airborne particulate matter in greater Cairo area (Egypt) using neutron activation analysis technique
a.b.a. ramadan

Biofiltration – methane and ammonia

15 Biofiltration of methane from the piggery industry – influence of the methane and nitrogen concentrations
m. girard, j. nikiema, g. buelna & m. heitz

16 Effect of silicone oil fraction and stirring rate on methane degradation in a stirred tank reactor
j. rocha-rios, r. muñoz & s. revah

17 Functional and structural response of ammonia and VOC converting biofilm to variations in air loading and water management
s. juhler, l.d.m. ottosen, l.b. guldberg, l.p. nielsen, a. schramm & n.p. revsbech

18 Regulation of ammonia oxidation in biotrickling air filters
l.d.m. ottosen, s. juhler, l.b. guldberg, l.p. nielsen, a. schramm & n.p. revsbech

Bioenergy – resource recovery

19 Microalgae as feedstock for biodiesel production: Carbon dioxide sequestration, lipid production and biofuel quality
é.c. francisco, e. jacob-lopes, d.b. neves & t.t. franco

20 Toluene gas phase biofiltration by Paecilomyces lilacinus for biomass production and recovery of a hydrophobin protein
g. vigueras, k. shirai, m. morales & s. revah

Sulfur compounds

21 Control of sulfur compounds emissions
s. revah

22 Real-time PCR and PCR-DGGE on the functional soxB gene: A new approach to monitor sulfo oxidizing bacteria in biotricklers treating hydrogen sulfide
m. jovic, s. lacroix, c. secher, n. brack, a.-s. lepeuple, i. charron, & p. zozor

23 Extremely acidophilic sulfur-oxidising bacteria for wastegas treatment
n.j.r. kraakman, m.j. smeulders, m.h. zandvoort, a. pol, m.s.m. jetten & h.j.m. op den camp

24 Biotrickling filters for hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulphide and dimethyl disulphide removal by Thiobacillus thioparus and Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans
m. ramirez, m. fernández, m.s. cáceres, r.m. pérez, j.m. gómez, d. cantero & g. aroca

25 The development of biological desulfurization for polluted air and gas streams
r. lems & e.h.m. dirkse

26 Outlook for waste gas treatment – scientific perspective
y. andrès

Poster presentations

27 Development of an original approach to evaluate effects of surfactants, biomass and pollutants on the scaling-up of a two-phase partitioning bioreactor
j.-m. aldric, s. gillet, f. delvigne & p. thonart

28 Bio alcohol production from agricultural residues
i. alemzadeh & m. vossoughi

29 GHG reduction potential in the seafood industry: A case study of seafood processing industry in Thailand
a.a. baloch & a.p. annachhatre

30 Sewage biogas treatment: Relevant options based on the biogas end-use
l. bouchy, n. de arespacochaga, jl. cortina, e. larrotcha, m. sanchez & c. peregrina

31 Sensitivity analysis of the model that describes the biofiltration of a mixture of H2S and DMS
g. aroca, j. silva, m. morales, m.s. cáceres & r. san martín

32 Experimental determination of kinetic parameters in biofilters treating methanol
a. avalos ramirez, j.p. jones & m. heitz

33 Comparative study of packing materials for H2S removal by biofiltration
i. charron, p. zozor, c. renner & m. jovic

34 Biodegradation of BTEX in a two phase partitioning system – Use of a biodegradable solvent
r. chikh, a. couvert, h. aït amar & a. amrane

35 Biofilter pilot plant to reduce VOCs pollution of industrial emissions
m. civilini & g. cortella

36 Silicone oil: An effective absorbent for hydrophobic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) removal
g. darracq, a. couvert, c. couriol, a. amrane, p. le cloirec, d. thomas, e. dumont & y. andrès

37 Study of the biomass accumulation from inoculation to clogging in a biofilter treating toluene at high loads
a.d. dorado, x. gamisans, j.a. baeza, j. lafuente & d. gabriel

38 Evaluation of innovative packing materials for the biodegradation of H2S: A comparative study
e. dumont & y. andrès

39 Start-up and tuning of organic biofilters under restricted moisture conditions
a. elias, a. barona, g. gallastegui, l. gurtubay & n. rojo

40 Oxidation of biologically-produced elemental sulfur at neutrophilic conditions
m. fortuny, c. casas, j. lafuente, d. gabriel & x. gamisans

41 Air phytoremediation – Removal of particular matter, PAHs and metals by higher plants
s.w. gawronski, j. graczyk, r. popek, m. korzeniewski, a. sæbo & h. gawronska

42 Modelling the biofiltration of styrene-acetone-air mixtures
a.m. gerrard, j. skalicky & j. paca

43 Alkaline biofiltration of volatile sulfur compound odors
a. gonzález-sánchez, g. baquerizo, s. revah, l. arellano-garcía & s. hernández-jiménez

44 Short term characterization of a H2S biotricking filter packing using a gaseous-liquid respirometer
a. gonzález-sánchez, j. lafuente, d. gabriel, x. gamisans & g. baquerizo

45 Influence of bark pH and electrical conductivity on lichen value diversity around power plants “Kosova A and B” b. mustafa, a. hajdari & e. hoxha

46 Mosses and lichens as indicator of air quality around power plants Kosova
a. hajdari, b. mustafa & e. hoxha

47 Thermodynamic modeling for hydrogen production from biomass and evaluation of biomass energy technologies
sh. hemmati, y. saboohi, n. hashemi, m. vossoughi & g.r. pazuki

48 Improved odour control with full-scale multi-layered biological treatment methods
j. cesca & n.j.r. kraakman

49 The MBR for biological desulfurization of biogas: Miniaturizing the BioReactor with the DMT BioSulfurex® HCP process
r. lems & e.h.m. dirkse

50 Multiple stage DMT Odourex®: The next generation biological odour control systems
r. lems, e.h.m. dirkse & j. edens

51 The emission of microbial aerosols from wastewater treatment plant with Orbal oxidation ditch process
l. li, m. gao & j. liu

52 Performance of a monolith bioreactor for the removal of styrene from polluted air
e.r. rene, m.e. lópez, m.c. veiga & c. kennes

53 Removal of a-pinene from waste gases through air diffusion into one- and two- liquid-phase suspended-growth bioreactors
m. montes, m.c. veiga & c. kennes

54 Application of plants for controlling air pollution with chlorine-containing compounds in Yerevan, Armenia
g.s. nersisyan & h.a. hovhannisyan

55 Physicochemical characterization of a biofilter packing for the modeling of dispersion, and sorption of ammonia
f.x. prenafeta-boldú, a. magrí, g. baquerizo & j. illa

56 Removal of siloxanes from biogas using adsorption
a. prochazkova, v. vrbova & k. ciahotny

57 Biodegradation of gas – phase mixtures of styrene and acetone in a biofilter inoculated with the fungus Sporothrix variecibatus
e.r. rene, r. špac? ková, m.c. veiga & c. kennes

58 Biofilters of the next generation
f. sabo & s. prechel

59 Odor mitigation with tree buffers: Swine production case study
s. trabue, t. sauer, r. pfeiffer, g. hernandez & j. tyndall

60 Development of submerged and solid state bioreactors for waste gas treatment
o. muter, a. mihailova, d. zarina, u. viesturs, j. vanags & s. strikauska

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