1st Edition

Black Feminist Epistemology, Research, and Praxis Narratives in and through the Academy

    250 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    250 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    While there has been an increase of Black women faculty in higher education institutions, the academy writ large continues to exploit, discriminate, and uphold institutionalized gendered racism through its policies and practices. Black women have navigated, negotiated, and learned how to thrive from their respective standpoints and epistemologies, traversing the academy in ways that counter typical narratives of success and advancement. This edited volume bridges together foundational and contemporary intergenerational, interdisciplinary voices to elucidate Black feminist epistemologies and praxis. Chapter authors highlight relevant research, methodologies, and theoretical or conceptual frameworks; share experiences as doctoral students, current faculty, and academic administrators; and offer lessons learned and strategies to influence systemic and institutional change for and with Black women.

    Series Editor’s Introduction

    Frank A. Bonner II


    Foreword: "Speak Your Names"

    Venus E. Evans-Winters


    1. Applying Black Feminist Epistemologies, Research, and Praxis: An Introduction
    2. Christa J. Porter, V. Thandi Sulé, and Natasha N. Croom



      Historical overview: Situating (Counter)Stories in the Academy

    3. Twenty Years Later … The Narrative for Black Women Remains the Same, or Does It?
    4. Reitumetse O. Mabokela and Yeukai A. Mlambo


    5. Reimagining Black Feminist Epistemology and Praxis: Reflecting on the Contemporary and Evolving Conceptual Framework of One Black Faculty Woman’s Academic Life
    6. Sheila T. Gregory


    7. Maids of Academe in Historically White Institutions: Revisited Against the Backdrop of ‘Black Lives Matter’
    8. Debra A. Harley


    9. The Black Woman is God: Cultivating the Power of a Disruptive Presence
    10. Emerald Templeton


      Utility of Black Feminist Epistemologies, Research, and Praxis

    11. What Black Cyberfeminism Teaches Us About Black Women on College Campuses
    12. Shawna Patterson-Stephens and Nadrea R. Njoku

    13. Uprooting the Prevalence of Misogynoir in Counselor Education
    14. Olivia T. Ngadjui


    15. Intersectionality Methodology and the Black Women Committed to 'Write-Us' Resistance
    16. Chayla Haynes, Saran Stewart, Evette L. Allen Moore, Nicole M. Joseph, and Lori D. Patton


    17. Advancing African Dance as a Practice of Freedom
    18. Shani Collins and Truth Hunter


    19. Spirit Murder: Black Women’s Realities in the Academy
    20. Ebony J. Aya


    21. Sista Circles with SistUH Scholars: Socializing Black Women Doctoral Students
    22. Tiffany J. Davis and April L. Peters


      Black Feminist Praxis Enacted: Journeying Toward Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion

    23. #BlackInTheIvory: Utilizing Twitter to Explore Black Womxn's Experiences in the Academy
    24. Christina Wright Fields and Katrina M. Overby


    25. Repurposing My Status as an Outsider Within: A Black Feminist Scholar-Pracademic’s Journey to Becoming an Invested Indifferent
    26. Nicole M. West


    27. Navigating a Womanist Caring Framework: Centering Womanist Geographies within Social Foundations for Black Academic Survival
    28. Taryrn T. C. Brown and E. Nichole Murray


    29. Black Feminist Thought from Theory to Praxis: "This is MY LIFE"
    30. Tiffany L. Steele


    31. How Positionality and Intersectionality Impact Black Women’s Faculty Teaching Narratives: Grounded Histories
    32. Rhonda C. Hylton


      Canary in the Coal Mine: Journeying from Associate to Academic Administrator and Full Professor

    33. Supporting Black Womyn Associate Professors to the Full Professorship
    34. Stacey D. Garrett and Natasha N. Croom


    35. Black Women in Academic Leadership: Reflections of One Department Chair's Journey in Engineering
    36. Meseret F. Hailu and Monica F. Cox


    37. In Conversation: Engaging (with) the Narratives of Two Black Women Full Professor Leaders

    Christa J. Porter, V. Thandi Sulé, and Natasha N. Croom

    Enact, Discard, and Transform: Black Women’s Agentic Epistemology

    V. Thandi Sulé


    Christa J. Porter, V. Thandi Sulé, and Natasha N. Croom


    About the Editors

    About the Contributors


    Christa J. Porter is an Associate Professor of Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs at Kent State University, USA.

    V. Thandi Sulé is an Associate Professor of Higher Education at Oakland University, USA.

    Natasha N. Croom is an Associate Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs at Clemson University, USA.

    In [this book] you will see/feel/hear Black women scholars (as educators, mentors, advocates, sisters, daughters, and mothers) take up space, and concomitantly, refuse space….Throughout this text [Black women academicians] boldly engage in narrative inquiry, storytelling, poetry, and prose as cultural productions that serve to speak against dominant narratives that attempt to render Black women intellectual activists invisible and erase [them] from the historical record.

    --From the Foreword by Venus E. Evans-Winters, former Professor of Education at Illinois State University, USA, founder of Planet Venus, and creator of the Write Like A Scholar program.