1st Edition

Blob PSHE A Blob School Resource

By Ian Long, Pip Wilson Copyright 2025
    120 Pages 110 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    120 Pages 110 B/W Illustrations
    by Speechmark

    Ideal for learners in both primary and secondary school, Blob PSHE brings our favourite Blob characters and scenarios together, providing an essential visual resource to prompt thoughtful discussion surrounding a range of subjects, topics and experiences within PSHE.

    Divided into three distinct sections, the book covers wellbeing, relationships, and the wider world. Each section begins with an overview of the PSHE curriculum and demonstrates how the topics covered map onto the PSHE framework in Key stages 1, 2 and 3 to support statutory learning. Practitioners will benefit from discussion prompts, thought starters, and lists of questions to help them integrate the Blobs into their teaching and use them effectively within the classroom.

    An essential resource for teachers in primary and secondary education, this is the perfect addition to any PSHE toolkit. Worksheets and PDFs are available electronically for download and projection, supporting successful PSHE teaching and learning.

    Introduction;  How to use the Sheets;  Wellbeing;  Blob Wellbeing;  Aspects of Wellbeing;  Blob Hygiene;  Blob Balanced Life;  Blob Tree;  Blob Feelings;  Blob Feelings Tracker;  Blob We Are All Equal;  Blob Mental Health Tree;  Blob Priority Sheet;  Blob Eating Tree;  Blob Sleep;  Blob Drugs;  Blob Managing Feelings;  Blob Coping;  Blob Self Worth;  Relationships;  Blob Relationships;  Aspects of Relationships;  Blob Differences;  Blob Behaviour;  Blob Safeguard;  Blob Secrets and Surprises;  Blob Fair/Unfair;  Blob Challenge;  Blob Hurt;  Blob Privacy;  Blob Icebergs;  Blob Icebergs 2;  Blob Healthy Relationships;  Blob Unhealthy Relationships;  Blob Don’t Discriminate;  Blob Positive Tree;  Blob Anger Tree;  Blob Fear Tree;  The Wider World;  Blob World;  Aspects of the Wider World;  Blob World 2;  Blob Global Warming Tree;  Blob Water Pollution;  Blob Personal Changes?;  Human Rights Blob Tree;  Responsibility Blob Tree;  Blob Online Dangers;  Blob Social Media;  Blob Social Media Bullying;  Blob Social Media Harmsl  Blob Money;  Blob Smartphone Tree


    Pip Wilson is the author of over 50 books and the famous Blob Tree tools, which can open the hardest heart, and is able to open up meaningful communication in all cultures and contexts.

    Ian Long is an illustrator who has worked with Pip all of his adult life, drawing, creating and visualising ideas that they have imagined together since the early 1980s. He has been a youth and pastoral worker in Gloucestershire, a primary school teacher in West Sussex and Hampshire, a carer for his father who suffered with Alzheimer’s and is now working full time on books.