1st Edition

Bone Marrow Processing and Purging a Practical Guide

By Adrian P. Gee Copyright 1991

    Bone Marrow Processing and Purging: A Practical Guide provides an up-to-date practical guide to the major ex vivo procedures associated with bone marrow transplantation. Previously, this information was communicated primarily by word of mouth; now experts in the field present detailed descriptions and evaluations of methods for marrow harvesting, evaluation (including tumor infiltration, flow cytometric analysis, and colony assays), comparative methods for automated nucleated cell separation and enumeration, tumor cell purging, T cell depletion, stem cell selection, gene transfer, and cytopreservation. Special sections address quality control and FDA regulations.

    The book provides a unique information source intended for clinicians, researchers, technical staff, transplant nurses, and medical students involved in this rapidly expanding area of medicine.

    INTRODUCTION AND GENERAL GUIDELINES. Preface (Adrian P. Gee). An Introduction to Bone Marrow Transplantation and Processing (A. John Barrett). Regulatory Aspects of Bone Marrow Processing and Purging (Curtis L. Scribner). Quality Control in Bone Marrow Processing (Adrian P. Gee). HARVESTING, SHIPPING, AND NUCLEATED CELL SEPARATION. Bone Marrow Harvesting and Reinfusion (Jennifer G. Treleaven). Transportation of Bone Marrow for In Vitro Processing and Transplantation (William E. Janssen and Carlos Lee). Nucleated Cell Separation Using the Fenwall CS-3000' (Herbert M. Cullis, Ellen Areman, and Charles S. Carter). Use of the Cobe 2991' Cell Processor for Bone Marrow Processing (John D. McMannis). Bone Marrow Processing With the Haemonetics V50 Plus' (MaryLynne Hartl). BONE MARROW EVALUATION. Bone Marrow Cell Counting: Methodological Issues (Elizabeth J. Read, Charles S. Carter, and Herbert M. Cullis). Detection of Metastatic Tumor Cells in Bone Marrow (Thomas J. Moss). Flow Cytometric Analysis of Human Bone Marrow (James G. Bender and Dennis Van Epps). Quantitative Assays for Human Hemopoietic Progenitor Cells (Heather J. Sutherland, Allen C. Eaves, and Connie J. Eaves). LYMPHOCYTE DEPLETION FOR ALLOGENEIC TRANSPLANTATION. Lymphocyte Dose Modification of the Bone Marrow Allograft Using Elutriation (Stephen J. Noga, Janice M. Davis, and Albert D. Donnenberg). T Cell Depletion of Allogeneic Human Bone Marrow Grafts by Soybean Lectin Agglutination and either Sheep Red Blood Cell Rosetting or Adherence on the CD5/CD8 Cellector' (Nancy H. Collins, Nancy A. Kernan, Sharon A. Blean, and Richard J. O'Reilly). Immunotoxin-Mediated Depletion of CD5+ T Cells from Bone Marrow for Graft-vs.-Host Disease Prophylaxis (Joseph H. Antin, Howard J. Weinstein, and Barbara Bierer). The Use of Campath' Monoclonal Antibodies for Ex Vivo Treatment of Bone Marrow (Derwood Pamphilon). AUTOLOGOUS BONE MARROW PURGING. The Use of 4-HC in Autologous Purging (Scott D. Rowley and Janice Davis). Extracorporeal Purging of Bone Marrow Grafts by Dye-Sensitized Photoirradiation (Fritz Sieber). Monoclonal Antibodies and Complement for Autologous Marrow Purging (Edward D. Ball). The Immunomagnetic Manipulation of Bone Marrow (John T. Kemshead). Combined Purging Approaches in Autologous Transplantation (Elizabeth J. Shpall, Robert C. Bast, Charles S. Johnston, William P. Peters, and Roy B. Jones). MARROW CRYOPRESERVATION AND FUTURE TRENDS. Cryopreservation of Human Bone Marrow Grafts (Ping Law and Harold Meryman). Simplified Bone Marrow Cryopreservation Using Dimethylsulfoxide and Hydroxyethyl Starch as Cryoprotectants (Patrick J. Stiff). Selection of Human Hemopoietic Stem Cells (Peter Lansdorp and Terry E. Thomas). Genetic Manipulation of Human Marrow: Gene Transfer Using Retroviruses (Philip Hughes and R. Keith Humphries). c. 360 pp., 33 tables, 52 illus., 7x10, due November 1991, ISBN 0-8493-6402-7.


    Adrian P. Gee