1st Edition

Bryozoan Studies 2001 Proceedings of the 12th International Bryozoology Associaton Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 16-21 July 2001

    422 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This volume is an outcome of the 12th international conference of the international bryozoology association in Dublin. It consists of 85 oral and 16 poster presentations which cover all aspects of bryozoological research.

    1. Bryozoan communities in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica: A first overview 2. Modelling multivariate determinants of growth in Antarctic bryozoans 3. Seasonality and inter-annual variability in recruitment patterns of temperate encrusting fauna 4. Use of radioactive labelled food to assess the role of the funicular system in the transport of metabolites in the cheilostome bryozoan Membranipora membranacea (L.) 5. Use of radioactive labelled silt to show depletion of food supply by upstream colonies of Flustrellidra hispida (Fabricius) 6. Colony life then and now: Lower Paleozoic trepostomes (500-350 mya) and living cyclostomes: A review 7. Bryozoans from temperate Pleistocene deep-water mounds, Great Australian Bight, Australia 8. Observations on ecological adaptations of Lanceopora smeatoni (MacGillivray), West Island, South Australia 9. Larval release pattern in Antarctic bryozoans 10. Asexual propagation in the cheilostomes Metrarabdotos and Coscinopleura: Effects on genetic variation and larval productivity 11. Origin and early development of the International Bryozoology Association 12. Influence of colony morphology on associated biota diversity in four Bryozoa 13. Identification key for North American Ordovician trepostome families 14. Deconstructing bryozoans: Origin and consequences of a unique body plan 15. Colony morphologies and missed opportunities during the Cincinnatian (Late Ordovician) bryozoan radiation: examples from Heterotrypa frondosa and Monticulipora mammulata 16. Systematics and biogeography of the Permian bryozoans in Europe 17. Late Cretaceous-Paleocene “porinids” - mixed frontal shields and evidence of polyphyly 18. Kubaninella: A new genus of Adeonidae (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) from the Western Kamchatka shelf of the Sea of Okhotsk 19. Partitioning phenotypic variation: Implications for morphometric analyses (Bryozoa) 20. Bryozoan distribution in a Messinian coral reef complex of western Algeria 21. Effects of sewage on bryozoan diversity in Mediterranean rocky bottoms 22. Predominance of obligate outbreeding in the simultaneous hermaphrodite Celleporella hyalina sensu lato 23. Functional morphology of maculae in a giant ramose bryozoan from the Permian of Greenland 24. Freshwater bryozoan remains from the Molteno Formation (Upper Triassic) of South Africa 25. Bryozoa of the high Arctic fjord – a preliminary study 26. Chesterian (Carboniferous) Septopora (Order Fenestrida), eastern North America 27. The ctenostome collar – an enigmatic structure 28. Mitochondrial evidence of geographical isolation within Bugula dentata Lamouroux 29. Results of a freshwater bryozoan survey in the Pacific Northwestern United States 30. Highly diverse bryozoan faunas from the Plio-Pleistocene of the Greek island of Rhodes 31. Interactions of bryozoans and microbes in a chemosynthetic hydrothermal vent system: Big Cove Formation (Lower Codroy Group, Lower Carboniferous, Middle Arundian), Port au Port Peninsula, Western Newfoundland, CanadaViséan/ 32. Bryozoa from Oceanic south eastern Pacific Islands: diversity and zoogeography 33. A Moscovian (Carboniferous) bryozoan buildup from Svalbard 34. Brood chambers in cribrimorphs evolved by fusion of costae: Further arguments 35. Neurotoxin found in the freshwater bryozoan Lophopodella carteri 36. Bryozoans in Ordovician depositional sequences, Cincinnati Arch region, USA 37. Bryobaculum carinatum gen. et sp. nov.: A new Mediterranean Pliocene deep-water bryozoan 38. Life history characters and ecology of some encrusting ctenostomates 39. Eocene Bryozoan Assemblages of the St Vincent Basin, South Australia 40. Changing concepts in species diversity in the northeastern Pacific 41. Brooding in the Cretaceous bryozoan Stichomicropora and the origin of ovicells in cheilostomes 42. The effects of increased external Ca++ and K+ concentrations on the waveform dynamics of bryozoan spermatozeugmata 43. New bryozoan faunas from the Miocene of Burgenland (Austria) 44. Functional morphology of the anastomosing frondose growth form reported in Heterotrypa frondosa (d’Orbigny) (Bryozoa: Trepostomata) from the Cincinnatian (Late Ordovician) of Ohio 45. Freshwater bryozoans: a zoogeographical reassessment 46. The reproductive cycle of Plumatella casmiana (Phylactolaemata: Plumatellidae) 47. A comparison of the early astogeny and life history of Celleporella carolinensis and Celleporella hyalina 48. Palaeoenvironmental interpretation of the Tramore Limestone Formation (Llandeilo, Ordovician) based on bryozoan colony form 49. An Upper Eocene bryozoan fauna from Perwang-1 borehole, Salzburg, Austria 50. Miscellaneous 51. Author index to the conference volumes (1-12) of the International Bryozoology Association (1969-2002)


    M.E. Spencer Jones