1st Edition

Ecology of Marine Invertebrate Larvae

By Larry McEdward Copyright 1995

    This is the first book to provide a detailed treatment of the field of larval ecology. The 13 chapters use state-of-the-art reviews and critiques of nearly all of the major topics in this diverse and rapidly growing field. Topics include:

  • patterns of larval diversity
  • reproductive energetics
  • spawning ecology
  • life history theory
  • larval feeding and nutrition
  • larval mortality
  • behavior and locomotion
  • larval transport
  • dispersal
  • population genetics
  • recruitment dynamics
  • larval evolution
    Written by the leading new scientists in the field, chapters define the current state of larval ecology and outline the important questions for future research.
  • Preface
    Pattern and Diversity in Reproduction and Development, L.A. Levin and T.S. Bridges
    Variation in Size, Energy Content, and Biochemical Composition of Invertebrate Eggs: Correlates to the Mode of Larval Development, W.B. Jaeckle
    Evolutionary Ecology of Larval Types, J.N. Havenhand
    The Ecology of Fertilization in Free-Spawning Invertebrates, D.R. Levitan
    The Timing of Larval Release, S.G. Morgan
    Mechanisms and Rates of Suspension Feeding, M.W. Hart and R.R. Strathmann
    Larval Nutrition, I.F. Boidron-Metairon
    Behavior and Locomotion during the Dispersal Phase of Larval Life, C.M. Young
    Life and Death in the Plankton: Larval Mortality and Adaptation, S.G. Morgan
    Mechanisms of Cross-Shelf Dispersal of Larval Invertebrates and Fish, A.L. Shanks
    Using Genetics as an Indirect Estimator of Larval Dispersal, S.R. Palumbi
    Modeling the Dynamics of Marine Species: The Importance of Incorporating Larval Dispersal, S.D. Gaines and K.D. Lafferty
    Evolution of Larvae and Development Modes, G.A. Wray


    Larry McEdward (University of Florida) (Author)

    "Both the individual authors and the editor deserve credit for providing a well-balanced general treatise on larval ecology. McEdward's book will hopefully experience wide dispersal…"
    -Melgoander Meeresunterscuhungen 52-212, 1998