1st Edition

The Biology of Sea Turtles, Volume I

Edited By Peter L. Lutz, John A. Musick Copyright 1997

    Sea turtles have existed for millions of years, making them fascinating subjects of study. In the last 20 years, the science of sea turtle biology has expanded at an exponential rate, leading to major advances in many areas. This book synthesizes the results of these advances and focuses on how these endangered marine reptiles operate in, adapt to, and are dependent upon particular features of their marine environment. New technology in data gathering, such as DNA analyses, remote sensing, and physiological monitoring techniques, has led to a much greater understanding of the biology of the sea turtle at all stages of their life history.

    Evolution, Phylogeny, and Current Status, P.C.H. Pritchard
    Population Genetics, Phylogeography, and Molecular Evolution, B.W. Bowen and S.A. Karl
    Reproduction in Sea Turtles, J.D. Miller
    The Nest Environment and the Embryonic Development of Sea Turtles, R.A. Ackerman
    Hatchling Orientation and Behavior, K.L. Lohman, B.E. Witherington, C.M.F. Lohman, and M. Salmon
    Habitat Utilization and Migration in Juvenile Sea Turtles, J.A. Musick and C.J. Limpus
    Sea Turtle Locomotion: Mechanics, Behavior, and Energetics, J. Wyneken
    Foraging Ecology and Nutrition in Sea Turtles, K.A. Bjorndal
    Age, Growth, and Population Dynamics, M.Y. Chaloupka and J.A. Musick
    Diving Physiology, M.E. Lutcavage and P.L. Lutz
    Thermal Biology, J.R. Spotilla and F.V. Paladino
    Hormones in the Life History of Sea Turtles, D.W. Owens
    Salt, Water, and pH Balance in the Sea Turtle, P.L. Lutz
    Health Problems and Diseases of Sea Turtles, R.H. George
    Human Impacts on Sea Turtle Survival, M.E. Lutcavage, P. Plotkin, B. Witherington, and P.L. Lutz


    Lutz, Peter L.; Musick, John A.

    "When the first volume of The Biology of Sea Turtles appeared in 1997, it enjoyed considerable success and was frequently cited....The Biology of Sea Turtles is one of the best places to start... and both volumes may be recommended to libraries and individuals."
    —N. Mrosovsky, in Nature, Vol 423, 15 May 2003

    “Wealth of current information and theories on sea turtle survival in the marine environment, for biologists and conservationists.”
    Fisheries, a Bulletin of the American Fisheries Society

    “This book is an indispensable tool to anyone in sea turtle research, the 15 chapters are well-chosen topics at the forefront of sea turtle research or applied conservation…its clear coverage of recent biology and inclusion of pertinent grey literature place it as the best single choice for workers on a limited budget.”
    –Anton D. Tucker, Queensland Department of Environment, Central Coast Region, in Copeia, 1998