1st Edition

Building Health and Wellbeing

Edited By Stephen Emmitt Copyright 2024
    260 Pages 45 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book focuses on the relationship between buildings and our health and wellbeing, and by extension our quality of life. Expanding on the 50th anniversary Special Issue of Building Research & Information (BRI), which was dedicated to health and wellbeing, articles have been extended and updated to complement contributions from new authors. Building Health and Wellbeing covers design for ageing, energy poverty and health, productivity and thermal comfort in offices, housing space and occupancy standards, and much more. The aim is to explore the inter-relationship between people and our buildings. Chapters are supported with new case studies to illustrate global approaches to a common challenge, while demonstrating local strategies to suit different climates. The content covers housing, offices, and healthcare facilities and the unique aspect of the book is the people perspective, providing outlooks from different age groups and users of buildings. It will act as an important reference for academics in the built environment and healthcare sectors.

    Series Preface


    1. Exploring the concept of a healthy office and healthy employees

    Melina Forooraghi, Antonio Cobaleda-Cordero & Maral Babapour Chafi

    2. The productivity of office occupants in relation to the thermal environment

    Jaime Soto Muñoz, et. al

    3. Use of portable air purifiers, occupant behaviour and indoor air quality in homes in three European cities

    Elizabeth Cooper, et al.

    4. Hospitalized patients’ adaption strategies and how they influence their environmental comfort

    Sara Willems, Dirk Saelens and Ann Heylighen

    5. Environmental qualities and features in mental and behavioural health environments

    Mardelle McCuskey Shepley, et al.

    6. Mobility, independence and spatial distance in rehabilitation centres for stroke

    Maja Kevdzija and Gesine Marquardt

    7. Outdoor activity-friendly environments for older adults with disabilities: A case study in China from a functioning perspective

    Qing Xie and Xiaomei Yuan

    8. Healthy ageing and the relationship with the built environment and design

    Lina Engelen, Margie Rahmann and Ellen de Jong

    9. Energy poverty, poor housing and the wellbeing of older Australians

    Caroline Valente, Sara Wilkinson and Alan Morris



    Stephen Emmitt is an architect and Professor of Architectural Practice at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath. He has also held professorial posts at Loughborough University and the Technical University of Denmark as well as a visiting professor position at Halmstad University, Sweden. He is an established author and Editor-in-Chief of Building Research & Information (BRI). Stephen’s research interests range from the management of design and design offices, architectural technologies and the performance of buildings, to how people interact with buildings.