1st Edition

Bullying Effective Strategies for Long-term Change

By Tiny Arora, Sonia Sharp, David Thompson Copyright 2002

    Bullying: Effective Strategies for Long Term Improvement tackles the sensitive issue of bullying in schools and offers practical guidance on how to deal successfully with the issue in the long term.
    The authors examine how bullying begins, the impact of bullying on the victimised child, and how the extent of bullying in schools can be reliably measured and assessed. They go on to explain how to set up anti-bullying initiatives which will maintain their effectiveness over the years. The complexity of the bullying process is emphasised throughout, but care is taken to outline clearly the actions that can be taken which will substantially reduce bullying in the long term.
    The book is an outcome of over 10 years research into bullying. The authors draw on their own major studies and international research to provide real workable solutions to the problem of bullying, which are illustrated by case study examples throughout. The book is essential reading for school managers, teachers, student teachers and researchers determined to tackle the issues of bullying head on.

    1. Introduction and Overview Section 1: Understanding Bullying 2. The Emergence of Bullying 3. The Social Basis of Bullying 4. How Much Bullying? Assessment and Measurement 5. The Experiences of Those who are Bullied Section 2: Towards Effective Intervention 6. Changing Cultures 7. Managing the Anti-bullying Project in School 8. Preventing and Responding to Bullying Behaviour 9. Researching Bullying - Where are we now? 10. Conclusions - the Limits of Current Knowledge


    Tiny Arora, Sonia Sharp, David Thompson

    'an exploration of a complex issue, venturing beyond a simple introductory text to support incident management in schools by analysing the roots of bullying, the effects on the lives of victims, and suggesting achievable anti-bullying intervention designed to be effective the long-term.' - British Journal of Educational Studies