Bullying in North American Schools  book cover
2nd Edition

Bullying in North American Schools

ISBN 9780415806558
Published October 18, 2010 by Routledge
336 Pages

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Book Description

Bullying in North American Schools is an exciting compilation of research on bullying in school-aged youth by a representative group of researchers, including developmental, social, counseling, school, and clinical psychologists across North America.

This new edition:

  • illustrates the complexity of bullying behaviors and offers suggestions for decision-making to intervene and work to reduce bullying behaviors
  • provides empirical guidance for school personnel as they develop bullying prevention and intervention programs or evaluate existing programs
  • uses a social-ecological perspective in which bullying is examined across multiple contexts including individual characteristics, peer and family influences, and classroom dynamics
  • includes basic research data from leaders in the field of bullying and victimization in the United States and Canada
  • teaches practical implications of various types of programs and how to choose and implement one that fits their school ecology.

This text will help your students understand how to prevent bullying behavior and how to select and manage intervention efforts in schools and school districts.

Table of Contents

1.  Expanding the Social-Ecological Framework of Bullying Among Youth, Espelage, D. L., & Swearer, S.M.

Part I: Individual Characteristics Associated With Bullying

2. Gender and Bullying: Moving Beyond Mean Level Differences to Consider Conceptions of Bullying, Processes by which Bullying Unfolds, and Cyber Bullying, Underwood, M. K., & Rosen, L. H.

3. Why Does Being Bullied Hurt So Much?: Insights from Neuroscience, Vaillancourt, T., Hymel, S., & McDougall, P.

4. Bullying among Students with Disabilities: Impact and Implications, Rose, C. A.

5. Internalizing Problems in Students Involved in Bullying and Victimization: Implications for Intervention, Swearer, S.M., Collins, A., Haye-Radliff, K., & Wang, C.

6. Unwanted sexual and harassing experiences: From School to Text Messaging, Ybarra, M. L., Espelage, D. L., Martin, S.

Part II: Peer Characteristics Associated With Bullying

7. Teaching Practices, Classroom Peer Ecologies, and Bullying Behaviors among Schoolchildren, Rodkin, P.C., & Gest, S.D.

8. Part of the Problem and Part of the Solution: The Role of Peers in Bullying, Dominance, and Victimization During the Transition From Primary School to Secondary School, Pellegrini, A.D., Van Ryzin, M.J.

9. Sidestepping the Jingle Fallacy: Bullying, Aggression, and the Importance of Knowing the Difference, Hawley, P.H., Stump, K.N., & Ratliff, J.

Part III: Classroom Characteristics Associated With Bullying

10. Teachers' Attitudes Toward Bullying, Holt, M.K., Keyes, M., & Koenig, B.

11. Girls, Boys, and Bullying in Preschool: The Role of Gender in the Development of Bullying, Hanish, L.D., Hill, A., Gosney, S., Fabes, R.A., & Martin, C.L.

12. Classroom Ecologies that Support or Discourage Bullying, Doll, B., Song, S., Champion, A., & Jones, K.

Part IV: Beyond the Classroom: Considering School Climate, Family Relationships, Social Support, and Innovative School Partnerships

13. School Climate and Change in Personality Disorder Symptom Trajectories Related to Bullying: A Prospective Study, Kasen, S., Johnson, J.G., Chen, H., Crawford, T.N., & Cohen, P.

14. The Role of Social Support in the Lives of Students Involved in Bullying, Demaray, M.K., & Malecki, C.K.

15. Family Relationships of Bullies and Victims, Duncan, R.C.

16. Considerations when Measuring Outcomes to Assess for the Effectiveness of Bullying- and Aggression-Prevention Programs in the Schools, Leff, S.S., Freedman, M.A., MacEvoy, J.P., & Power, T.P.

Part V: Effective Prevention and Intervention Programs

17. Bully Busters: A Resource for Schools and Parents to Prevent and Respond to Bullying, Horne, A.M., Bell, C.D., Raczynski, K.A., & Whitford, J.L.

18. Integrating Strategies for Bullying, Sexual Harassment, and Dating Violence Prevention: The Expect Respect Elementary School Project 6/24/09, Rosenbluth, B., Whitaker, D.J., Valle, L.A., & Ball, B.

19. Overview of Bully-Proofing your School, Plog, A., Porter, B., et al.

20. Teacher Support of Bullying Prevention: The good, the bad, and the promising, Frey, K.S., Jones, D.C., Hirschstein, M.K., & Edstrom, L.V.

21. Design and Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial of Steps to Respect: A School-Based Bullying Prevention Program, Low, S.M., Smith, B.H., Fernandez, K., Hanson, K., & Haggerty, K.P.

22. Implementation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in American Schools: Lessons Learned From the Field, Limber, S. P.

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Dorothy L. Espelage is Professor in the Child Development Division of the Educational Psychology department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Susan M. Swearer is Associate Professor of School Psychology in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.