COST Action TU0905 Mid-term Conference on Structural Glass: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

COST Action TU0905 Mid-term Conference on Structural Glass

1st Edition

Edited by Jan Belis, Christian Louter, Danijel Mocibob

CRC Press

600 pages

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The application of glass as a structural material may seem surprising initially, yet pioneering glass structures were first built two decades ago already. Ever since, Structural Glass has been developing at a very high pace thanks to very intensive scientific and industrial research and new technological developments.

Right at the heart of these rapidly evolving developments, the European COST Action TU0905 'Structural Glass – Novel Design Methods and Next Generation Products' is active. With its main goals of unifying, harmonizing and boosting the ongoing developments in structural glass research, COST Action TU0905 frequently organizes international expert meetings and Training Schools, and supports scientific research missions.

This proceedings volume of the COST Action TU0905 Mid-term Conference on Structural Glass offers a great insight into the latest developments in Structural Glass by means of more than 60 peer-reviewed papers by nearly 140 authors. Contributions cover all major topics in the field, ranging from in-depth material investigations to full glass structures and facades. As such, it represents an appealing work on this very young and dynamic field, and is intended for a global readership of researchers and practitioners, including structural and civil engineers, architects, material scientists, building consultants, contractors, material suppliers and product manufacturers, as well as other professionals involved in the design and realization of structural glass projects.

The COST Action TU0905 Mid-Term Conference was held as a unique event, strongly embedded in COST Action TU0905 'Structural Glass – Novel Design Methods and Next Generation Products'. As such, it reflects the Action’s strong position as probably the largest Structural Glass research network worldwide, and disseminates the ultimate COST philosophy: true cooperation in Science and Technology.

Table of Contents


Mechanical damage at glass surface

T. Rouxel & P. Sellappan


A reduced model for glass structures subjected to dynamic impact loads

M. Fröling, K. Persson & P.-E. Austrell

Use of single layered toughened glass for sound barriers

M. Netusil, M. Eliasova, P. Bouska & M. Vokac

Glazing influence on the seismic resistance of prefabricated timber-framed buildings

M. Premrov, B. Dujic & B. Ber

Hybrid glass structures for building skins – actions and requirements

V.A. Silvestru, M. Zellinger & O. Englhardt


Architectural aspect of structural glass roof design

A. Krstic-Furundzic, T. Kosic & J. Terzovic

Design of metal-glass pavilion in urban protected area based on Voronoi generated structure

O. Marina, A. Trombeva Gavriloska, A. Petrovski & M. Matevska

Function follows form… Strategies for integrated design of complex glass envelopes

B. Marradi

Applications for curved glass

J. Neugebauer

Load-bearing behaviour of splice-laminated glass beams for wide spans

E. Trösch & B. Kassnel-Henneberg


Assessment of Eurocode 8 limited damage criteria for frame glazed stick walls

B. Bozsó & L.G. Vigh

Development of interactive double skin glass facade with external structural envelope

M. Bugarin & Ž. Domazet

Evaluation of damping properties of structural glass panes under impact loading

A. Ramos, F. Pelayo, M.J. Lamela, A. Fernández Canteli, M.C. Huerta & A. Pacios

Structural design of blast enhanced cable net facades

F. Wellershoff, G. Lori, M. Zobec & K. Osterland

Architectural geometry of timber-glass buildings and its impact on energy flows through building skin

V. Žegarac Leskovar, M. Premrov & K. Vidovic

Innovative design tool to optimize blast enhanced façade systems

M. Zobec, G. Lori, T. Ngo, C. Nguyen & R. Lumantarna


The breakage of glass – Thermal shock and nickel sulfide inclusion

E. Mognato & A. Barbieri

Post-fracture behaviour of laminated plates after human impact test

A. Pacios-Alvarez, M.C. Huerta, J. Sánchez & A. Calle

Usage of elastic strain energy for the higher residual strength

S. Reich, B. Weller, N. Dietrich & S. Pfefferkorn


General technical approval for curved annealed and curved tempered glass in Germany

P. Hof & M. Oechsner

Improving with FEM the glass fracture stress obtained from coaxial double ring test

M.C. Huerta, A. Pacios, A. Germán, M.J. Lamela, A. Fernández Canteli & F. Capel

Ongoing model development analyzing glass fracture

G. Molnár, I. Bojtár & J.H. Nielsen

Structural glass lifetime prediction model based on environmental variables

C. Ronchetti & G. Salerno

Characterization of the scratch visibility of annealed and tempered soda-lime-silicate glass

S. Schula & J. Schneider

Fracture strength of glass, engineering testing methods and estimation of characteristic values

S. Schula, J. Schneider, M. Vandebroek & J. Belis

Ratio of mirror zone depth to flaw depth after failure of glass beams

M. Vandebroek, J. Belis, C. Louter & G. Molnár


Simulation of earthquake load imposed on timber-glass composite shear wall panel

D. Antolinc, R. Žarnic, M. Stepinac, V. Rajcic, L. Krstevska & L. Tashkov

Experimental study of timber-glass composite wall elements

B. Ber, M. Premrov, A. Štrukelj & M. Kuhta

Experimental analysis on steel reinforced glass beams at different temperatures

P.J.S. Cruz, I. Valente, P.L. Carvalho, B. Marinho & S. Ribeiro

Load bearing timber glass composites – A WoodWisdom-Net project for innovative building system

J. Eriksson, M. Ludvigsson, M. Dorn, B. Enquist & E. Serrano

Post-tensioned structural glass beams – Experimental investigations

C. Louter, A. Pérez, T. Jordan & J.-P. Lebet

Post-cracking behaviour of reinforced glass beams

E. Speranzini & S. Agnetti


Thermal-mechanical behaviour of insulating glass units

N. Penkova, V. Iliev & J. Neugebauer


Experimental determination and numerical description of viscoelastic properties of glass interlayer

S. Briccoli Bati, M. Fagone & G. Ranocchiai

Meeting the challenges of the modern world with liquid composite laminated glass

C. Davis

Experimental assessment of polymers in glass constructions

D. Delincé & J. Belis

Strain rate effects on bending capacity of laminated glass panes

K. Éreth, L.G. Vigh & L. Horváth

Characterization of interlayer properties – TG06 Status Report

G.F. Savineau, C. Butchart, D. Delincé & R. Speelman

TEC facade – Glass as functional facade element

A. Tomasi, D. Mocibob, B. van de Linde, F. Wellershoff & K. Koldtoft

A new experimental test set-up for investigating impact resistance of laminated glass

S. Van Dam, J. Pelfrene, W. Van Paepegem, J. Degrieck, D. Lecompte & J. Vantomme

Snow load collectives and design shear moduli for laminated safety glass

F. Wellershoff & M. Pohl

A material law for shear load and creep behaviour of glass laminates

W. Wittwer & T. Schwarz


Analysis of the debonding risks and the failure of laminated glass thanks to a coupled analytical-numerical investigation

F. Bernard, B. Krour, S. Benyoucef & B. Fahsi

Numerical analyses of the effect of SG-interlayer shear stiffness on the structural performance of reinforced glass beams

C. Louter & J.H. Nielsen

Numerical simulation of elastic, fracture and post-failure response of monolithic and laminated glass under impact loading

J. Pelfrene, S. Van Dam, W. Van Paepegem & J. Degrieck

Experimental and numerical investigations of metal-to-glass embedded connections with thin stainless steel plate

M. Santarsiero, C. Louter, P.L. Carvalho & P.J.S. Cruz

Numerical analysis of hot deformed corrugated glass plates

E.H.J. ten Brincke

Numerical investigation of insulation glass units with undercut point fittings

M. Tibolt, O. Hechler & C. Odenbreit


Buckling analysis of monolithic and laminated glass elements eccentrically compressed

C. Bedon & C. Amadio

Analytical, numerical and experimental prediction of lateral torsional buckling of PVB and SG laminated glass beams

C. Bedon & J. Belis


From design to reality – fabricating and assembling two pleated double-curved glass shell structures

R. Brugues, S. Pierce, S. Plana, C. Teixidor & J. Torres

Connecting through reinforcement – Experimental analysis of the temperature dependent behaviour

P.L. Carvalho, P.J.S. Cruz & F.A. Veer

Determination of the material properties of an epoxy and MS-polymer for adhesive point-fixings

J. Dispersyn, J. Belis, V. Dias & C. Odenbreit

Stainless steel fabric as a connection system for bomb blast glass

J. Neugebauer

Numerical investigation of a novel connection in tempered glass using holes drilled after tempering

J.H. Nielsen

Parametric numerical investigation of adhesive laminated point connections

M. Santarsiero, C. Louter & J.-P. Lebet


Philosophical questions of designing glass – The need for a structural glass standard

R.R. Green

Glass structures – Learning from experts

D. Honfi & M. Overend

Revaluating architecture with glass

S. Lefaki

Structural glass – Review of design philosophies & analysis methods

P. Lenk & N. Jendželovský

Design and construction of the feature glass stair for the new Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg, Russia

G. Vasilchenko-Malishev & P. Wilson


Thermal breakage of glass

M. Vandebroek, J. Belis & C. Louter


Heat transfer phenomena and theories governing residual stress formation in glass tempering

R. Karvinen

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