CRC Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Volume III : Monitoring, Materials, Synthetic Lubricants, and Applications, Volume III book cover
1st Edition

CRC Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Volume III
Monitoring, Materials, Synthetic Lubricants, and Applications, Volume III

ISBN 9780849339035
Published December 21, 1993 by CRC Press
634 Pages

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Book Description

Volume III extends this handbook series to cover new developments and topics in tribology that have occurred during the past decade. It includes in-depth discussions on revolutionary magnetic bearings used in demanding applications in compressors, high-speed spindles, and aerospace equipment. Extensive coverage is given to tribology developments in office machines and in magnetic storage systems for computers. Monitoring sensors are addressed in the first chapter, followed by chapters on specific monitoring techniques for automobiles, diesels, and rotating machines. One chapter is devoted to procedures used for tracking the remaining life of lubricants. Synthetic lubricants are discussed by outstanding specialists in this rapidly developing field. Synthetics are increasingly important in widely diverse areas, including compressors using the new ozone-layer-friendly refrigerants and a variety of extreme-temperature and environmentally-sensitive applications. Water- and gas-lubricated bearings are given similar attention. The contributors also develop a new, unified coverage for fatigue life of ball and roller bearings; for design and application of porous metal bearings; for self-contained lubrication, involving oil rings, disks, and wicks; and for plastic bearings. Each of these classes of bearings are used by the millions daily throughout industry.
The three-volume handbook is an essential reference to tribologists and lubrication, mechanical, and automotive engineers. It is invaluable to lubricant suppliers; bearing companies; those working in the aerospace industry; and anyone concerned with machine design, machinery wear, and maintenance.

Table of Contents

Monitoring and Maintenance
Condition Monitoring Sensors and Systems, E. Venalainen
Automotive Engine-Oil Condition Monitoring, D.J. Smolenski and S.E. Schwartz
Diesel Engine Lube Analysis, J. Poley
Rotating Machinery Vibration Testing, Condition Monitoring, and Predictive Maintenance, W.D. Marscher
Filtration Rapid Determination of Remaining Useful Lubricant Life, R.E. Kauffman
Friction and Wear of Ceramics, S. Jahanmir and T.E. Fischer
Plastics and Plastic Matrix Composites, W.E. Jamison
Metal Matrix-Solid Lubricant Composites, P.K. Rohatgi, S. Ray, and Y. Liu
Bonded Solid Film Lubricants, R.M. Gresham
Synthetic Lubricants
Aerospace Applications of Synthetic Fluids and Lubricants, C.E. Snyder, Jr. and L.J. Gschwender
Industrial Applications, D.A. Lauer
Automotive Applications, B.J. Beimesch
Polyalphaolefins, R.L. Shubkin
Dibasic Acid and Polyol Esters, J.M. Perez and E.E. Klaus
Polyalkylene Glycols, W.L. Brown
Phosphate Esters, M.P. Marino and D.G. Placek
Perfluoroalkylpolyethers, T.W. Del Pesco
Silicones, E.D. Brown
Tribology of Magnetic Storage Systems, B. Bhushan
Computers and Office Machines, R.G. Bayer
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, G.D. Short
Oil Mist Lubrication, D.M. Bornarth
Tribology in High Speed Machining, R. Komanduri and D.G. Flom
Bearing and Seals
Hydrodynamic and Hydrostatic Seals, W. Shapiro
Rolling Bearing Fatigue Life, C.A. Moyer and W.J. Derner
Porous Metal Bearings, C. Cusano
Self-Contained Bearing Lubrication: Rings, Disks, and Wicks, R.C. Elwell
Water and Process Fluid Bearings, R.L. Orndorff, Jr.
Gas Bearings, M. Khonsari, L.A. Matsch, and W. Shapiro
Magnetic Bearings, P.E. Allaire, P. Allaire, E.H. Masleu, R.R. Humphris, C.R. Knospe, and D.W. Lewis

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