1st Edition

Canine Reproduction and Neonatology

By Marthina L. Greer Copyright 2014
    476 Pages 236 Color Illustrations
    by Teton NewMedia

    Winner of Dog Writers Association of America's Dogwise Best Book Award

    This book focuses on the veterinarian’s responsibilities for managing the problem pregnancy, insemination, collecting, storing and shipping semen, and all of the diseases and vaccination protocols that may involve the bitch and the stud dog. It is also a very practical guide for the non-veterinarian breeder and kennel owner.

    The book provides step by step guidelines for husbandry and nutrition as they relate to the bitch and her puppies, an excellent and concise description of breeding genetics and the implications of that knowledge for long term preservation of the breed line, and it focuses squarely on the relationship that must exist between the veterinarian and breeder clients.

    This practical guide is the ideal resource for veterinarians as well as for breeders, kennel operators and others with a financial or humane interest in the breeding and maintenance of dogs.

    Working With Breeders
    Normal Reproduction
    Basic Reproductive Care

    Genetic Selection And Screening
    Selecting Breeding Stock
    Counseling the Breeder/Client
    Specific Disease-Based Screening Examinations and Databases
    Genotypic Screening
    Line Breeding
    The Breeding Program

    Preparing To Breed
    Planning the Breeding
    Stud Dog Selection
    Preparing the Bitch for Breeding
    Timing the Bitch for Breeding

    Orchestrating the Breeding – Natural And Special Breeding
    Scheduling the Breeding Appointment
    The Normal Breeding
    Vaginal Artificial Inseminations
    Shipping Fresh Chilled Semen
    Handling Frozen Semen
    Surgical Insemination
    Transvaginal Insemination

    Managing The Pregnancy
    Environmental Management and Housing
    Drugs and Vaccines During Pregnancy
    Anthelmenthics During Pregnancy
    Diagnosing the preganancy
    Managing the Abnormal Pregnancy
    Premature Labor and Hypoluteoidism

    Managing The Whelping And C – Section
    Preparing for the Whelping at Home
    The Normal Delivery
    Managing a Whelping at the Veterinary Hospital
    Managing the C-section
    Managing the C – Section
    Techniques for Success
    Surgery – C-section and Delivery of the pups
    Resuscitation of the Neonate at Vaginal or C- Section Birth
    Discharge of the Bitch and Her Litter
    Managing the Immediate Postpartum Period In The Bitch
    Health Care
    Nutrition and Exercise
    Common Disorders of the Immediate Postpartum Period

    Neonatal and Pediatric Care
    The Normal Neonate
    Advanced Home Care
    Causes of Neonatal Mortality
    Neonatal Supportive Care
    The Singelton Puppy
    Taildocking and Dew Claw Removal
    Preparing Puppies for a New Home
    Placing the Puppies
    Registering Litters

    Infertility And Reproductive Problems In The Valuable Bitch
    The Normal Estrous Cycle
    The Ideal Age To Breed And Frequency
    Maximizing Litter Size
    The Missed Breeding
    Planning for the Next Breeding
    Abnormal Estrous Cycles
    Failure to Maintain Pregnancy
    Hormonal Alteration of Estrous
    Diagnosing Pyometra
    Miscellaneous Disorders of Pregnancy
    The Accidental Breeding
    Special Breedings
    Mammary Tumors

    Infertility And Reproductive Problems In The Valuable Stud Dog
    Breeding Soundness Examination
    Collecting the Stud Dog
    Sperm Count and Morphology
    Endocrinopathies and Hormonal Diseases
    Disorders of the Prostate
    Disorders of the Testes
    Scrotal Disorders
    Disorders of the Penis
    Failure to Achieve Sexual Maturity and Intersex
    Disorders of Copulation
    Disorders of Sperm Production
    Technical Advances in Perpetuating Male Fertility

    Special Breedings
    Working With Fresh Chilled Semen
    Breeding a Bitch With Frozen Semen

    Appendix A: FOR TECHNICAL STAFF (14 elements)
    Appendix B: FOR TELEPHONE STAFF ( 6 elements)
    Appendix C: CLIENT INFORMATION ( 15 elements)
    Appendix D: FOR VETERINARIANS (16 elements)


    Marthina L. Greer

    "This practical guide covers all aspects of canine reproduction in depth, from learning the breeder’s work to dealing with infertility. The eleven chapters take you into the world of dog breeding in a nicely illustrated journey while providing answers to many questions: Should I vaccinate my pregnant bitch? What drugs can be used? What is a normal delivery? How far should you go in treating sick neonates? Ready-made report sheets, a thorough list of medicines, clinical algorithms, and a detailed index are other useful features of this no-nonsense book."
    Vets Now: Book Review, October 2015

    "This book provides a comprehensive description of clinical canine theriogenology from a practical and common-sense perspective. Clinical procedures are effectively detailed in step-by-step protocols. ... This book has many strengths including > 200 high-quality, colored photographs, which help readers appreciate the difference between normal and abnormal reproductive conditions. The 51 well-organized appendices provide concise information in the form of algorithms, lists, tables, forms, and questionnaires that are useful for veterinarians, technical staff, and clients. An enormous benefit is that these helpful appendices are available digitally and can be downloaded, edited, and customized to meet individual needs."
    —Jane A. Barber, DVM, MS, DACT, Veterinary Specialties at the Lake, Sherrills Ford, North Carolina, USA, from the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Vol. 246, No. 12, June 15, 2015