1st Edition

Caraway The Genus Carum

Edited By Eva Nemeth Copyright 1998

    Caraway, the seventh volume in the series Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Industrial Profiles, collects together all of the existing information in connection with the biology, chemistry, agrotechnology and utilization of the plant genus Carum. After an overview on all Carum species, it deals mainly with th most important species Carum carvi L. The scientific and economic significance of the genus as well as forthcoming results and future perspectives are discussed.
    Authors from a number of countries give information about valuable traditions as well as the most up-to-date research results. Physiological, genetic and agrotechnological specialities of annual and biennial types of caraway are discussed seperately. The book provides an overview of the anatomical structure of the most important organs of the plant, and its chemical constituents. it also discusses production practices including post harvest techniques, quality requirements and utilization of the plant's products in pharmacology, and the alimentary and cosmetics industries.
    The broad scope of presentations illustrated with numerous tables and figures offers excellent material for scientists, teachers and students who are interested in medicinal and aromatic plants.

    1. Introduction Part 1. Biology and Chemistry 2. Taxonomy and Botanical Description of the Genus Carum 3. Main Chemical Constituents of Carum 4. The Role of Light and Temperature in the Growth, Development and Active Agent Accumulation in Caraway and Related Species 5. Questions of the Generative Development in Caraway 6. Regulation of Essential Oil Formation in Caraway Part 2. Breeding and Cultivation 7. A Century of Breeding Caraway in The Netherlands 8. Production of Biennial Caraway for Seed and Essential Oil 9. Agrotechnology of Annual Caraway Production Part 3. Utilization 10. Alimentary, Culinary and Industrial Uses of Caraway 11. Pharmacological Uses and Toxicology of Caraway 12. Application of S-Carvone as a Potato Sprout Suppressant and Control Agent of Fungal Storage Diseases


    Eva Nemeth