Carbon Monoxide Poisoning  book cover
1st Edition

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Edited By

David G. Penney

ISBN 9780849384172
Published November 1, 2007 by CRC Press
806 Pages 6 Color & 139 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

While an ever-present and familiar toxin, carbon monoxide (CO) remains the number one poison in our environment.  This silent killer is responsible for over 2,000 deaths a year in the United States alone. The public and healthcare communities need quality information about the many risks presented by carbon monoxide exposure.  Edited by a leading expert in the field, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning delineates the successful means to prevent, identify, and manage the effects of CO poisoning.

This volume explores new information on CO toxicity, including rehabilitation, the dissemination of information to the public, litigation involving CO poisoning, economic loss assessment, and firefighting. A series of chapters detail the risk of CO poisoning from kitchen ranges, recreational vehicles, and power boats. Expert contributors survey diagnostic procedures and devices, incorporating advances in brain SPECT imaging and non-invasive pulse-oximetry. The book includes chapters that specifically address the pros and cons of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and thoroughly review the physiological effects of acute and long term exposure to CO, as well as the neurocognitive and neurobehavioral sequelae.

Whether you are a healthcare professional who treats CO poisoning, a lawyer involved in litigation for loss of life or property due to CO poisoning, or an engineer developing a well-insulated structure with sufficient ventilation; you will face the challenges raised by CO toxicology. Offering the only comprehensive reference on the subject, this multi-faceted guide takes an innovative look at how we can identify, treat, and prevent harmful exposure to carbon monoxide.

Table of Contents

Introduction and Overview of the Field
 D. G. Penney  
Exposure to Ambient and Microenvironmental Concentrations of Carbon Monoxide    
P. G. Flachsbart     
Carbon Monoxide Build-Up in Houses and Small Volume
R.E. Engberg      
Formation and Movement of Carbon Monoxide into Mobile
Homes, Trailers, and Other Enclosures
R. E. Schreter
Carbon Monoxide Emissions from Gas Ranges And The
Development of a Field Protocol for Measuring Co Emissions
 R. J. Karg
Investigating Carbon Monoxide-Related Accidents Involving
Gas-Burning Appliances
 M. Hanzlick      
Carbon Monoxide Dangers in the Marine Environment 
J. McCammon
Application of warnings and Labels for Carbon Monoxide
G. Hutter         
Public Health Surveillance for Carbon Monoxide In The United
States: A Review of National Data      
M. E. King and J. A. Mott
Carbon Monoxide Sensors and Systems    
K. Galatsis and W. B. Wlodarski
Marketing of Carbon Monoxide Information and Alarms In
Europe and Beyond: Use of the World Wide Web in Saving Lives
R. Aiers
Investigating Carbon Monoxide Poisonings    
T. M. Dydek
Carbon Monoxide Detectors as Preventive Medicine   
J.s W. Rhee and J. B. Leikin
Misconceptions about Carbon Monoxide
D.G. Penney      
A Survey Study of Public Perceptions about Carbon Monoxide
D. G. Penney
The Case for the Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy In Carbon
Monoxide Poisoning
C. Tomaszewski        
Hyperbaric Oxygen for Acute Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:
Useful Therapy or Unfulfilled Promise?
C. D. Scheinkestel and I. L. Millar   
A Challenge to The Healthcare Community: The Misdiagnosis Of
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
D.G. Penney        
Neuroimaging after Carbon Monoxide Exposure
G. Heuser 
Recent Advances in Brain Spect Imaging after Carbon
Monoxide Poisoning
S. G. Hipskind           
Neurocognitive and Affective Sequelae of Carbon Monoxide
R. O. Hopkins
Neurocognitive and Neurobehavioral Sequelae of Chronic
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: A Retrospective Study and Case
D. A. Helffenstein              
Chronic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: A Case Series
D. G. Penney 
Functional and Developmental Effects of Carbon Monoxide
Toxicity in Children        
C. L. Armstrong and J. L. Cunningham
Issues in Rehabilitation and Life Care Planning For Patients With
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
J.M. Gracey      
Treatment of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning With Yoked
Prism Lenses
J. F. Georgis
Firefighters and Carbon Monoxide   
K.J. Reilly Jr., F. Ricci, and D. Cone
The Purpose and the Process of Litigation In A Carbon
Monoxide Poisoning Case
S.P. Willison            
Offering Expert Opinions in A Carbon Monoxide Case
S. P. Willison
Injury Caused By Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Defining
Monetary Damages
S. Collard     
My Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: A Victim’s Story
J. A. Cramer
Noninvasive Measurement of Blood Carboxyhemoglobin With
Pulse Co-Oximetry
N. B. Hampson   
Chronic Carbon Monoxide Exposure: How much do we know
About It?—An Update
A.W.M. Hay    
Essential Reference Tables, Graphs, and Other Data  

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