1st Edition

Caring Confrontations for Education and Democracy

By R. Scott Webster Copyright 2022
    168 Pages
    by Routledge

    168 Pages
    by Routledge

    Caring Confrontations for Education and Democracy makes a compelling case for redirecting current practices of education to focus on being educated rather than having an education.

    The book offers a detailed analysis of how an education for democracy must encourage commitment to important ideals and strengthen the vulnerabilities of people which make them easily manipulated by politicians and the media. It addresses the need for education that focusses on people’s mode of being, so that in addition to becoming knowledgeable and skilful, people develop the disposition that is more appropriate for democratic living. Through embodying this approach of authentic spiritual growth through education, this book explores the idea of caring confrontations and critical reflection to enable personal change and growth.

    Providing a thoughtful analysis of the role of education in democracy, the book will be of great interest to researchers, academics, and students in the fields of philosophy of education, educational theory and democratic education.


    Chapter 1 The Importance of the Individual for Democratic Society

    Chapter 2 The having mode of Existence

    Chapter 3 The being mode of Existence

    Chapter 4 Educating through Confronting Oneself

    Chapter 5 A Pedagogy of Caring Confrontation

    Chapter 6 Confronting Society and Authorities

    Chapter 7 Conclusion: Education of the demos as existential authenticity


    R. Scott Webster is an Associate Professor at the School of Education at Deakin University, Australia. He researches and publishes in the areas of philosophy of education, curriculum theory, teacher education, existentialism and spirituality.