Case Studies for Student Development Theory : Advancing Social Justice and Inclusion in Higher Education book cover
1st Edition

Case Studies for Student Development Theory
Advancing Social Justice and Inclusion in Higher Education

ISBN 9780429465611
Published June 17, 2019 by Routledge
224 Pages

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Book Description


This much-needed case study book provides higher education and student affairs graduate students, practitioners, and faculty with the tools to enhance their learning of student development theory and to apply this learning to practice. Each chapter offers a summary of theory – covering traditional and newer student development models – in addition to multiple case studies that help readers focus on practice that fosters social justice and inclusion.

The case studies for each chapter represent a range of institutional types and diverse student populations, offering an opportunity to explore the intersections of various developmental processes and to foster social justice and inclusion in higher education contexts. Guiding questions at the end of each case study offer opportunities for further discussion and critical reflection. An essential text for every student development course, Case Studies for Student Development Theory enhances student learning and development in higher education while also addressing how students’ social identities intersect with college campus environments.

Table of Contents

Part One: Introduction

  1. Considerations for Student Development Theory
  2. Using Case Studies to Move Theory to Practice
  3. Part Two: Social Identity Development

  4. Students’ Racial Identity Development by Christa J. Porter
  5. Case Study One. Challenging Complicity: (Not) Confronting Racism in Racially-Themed Parties by Lauren Irwin and Alex Lange

    Case Study Two. Navigating Racial Tensions at a Minority Serving Institution: Creating Affirming and Validating Environments for Students by Raquel Wright-Mair and Cathy Akens

    Case Study Three. "I'm a Good Person, I Just Say Out of Politics": A Case Exploring Racial Identity, Social Class, and Moral Development by Alex Kappus, Stephen Deaderick, Smita Ruzicka, and Andrew Wilson

    Case Study Four. "But We're Not One of the Bad Ones": White Racial Innocence and Identity Development in a Service-Learning Context by Zak Foste and Antonio Duran

  6. Ethnicity, Acculturation, and Student Development by Jessica C. Harris
  7. Case Study One. "What's Your Name?" New Student Orientation by Amber Gonzalez

    Case Study Two. Being Black and Immigrant: A Foreigner to Some, and An Outsider to Others by Dayne Hutchinson and Dawn Ogali

    Case Study Three. Love over Chai: Navigating Intercultural Conversations and Development by Emma Larkins and Faran Saeed

  8. Students’ Sexual Identity Development by Jason C. Garvey
  9. Case Study One. Undocuqueer: Coming out of the closet and shadows by Jesus Cisneros

    Case Study Two. "It's the Intersections That Get Sticky": Navigating Ethnic and Sexual Identities by Mike Hoffshire and Louise Michelle Vital

    Case Study Three. It's Not All Rainbows and Unicorns: Sexual Identity and Ability in Residence Life by Tony Cawthon and Rachel Wagner

  10. Gender and Gender Identity Development for Students by Christa J. Porter and Jason C. Garvey
  11. Case Study One. Seeking Belongingness: Race, Gender, and Being Trans "Enough" by Mark Chung Kwan Fan, Dolan, and Erin-Kate Escobar

    Case Study Two. "I need to pump!": Motherhood Receptiveness and Lactation Accommodation in Higher Education by Cindy Phu

    Case Study Three. Transness=/=Sameness: Navigating Gendered Intersections, Saliencies, and Leadership by T.J. Jourian

  12. Spirituality and Religion and Student Development by Darris R. Means
  13. Case Study One. Creating Space for Support and Expression of Diverse Worldviews: A Case Exploring Religious Identity Development by Shauna Morin, Zak Foste, Matthew Mayhew, and Alyssa Rockenbach

    Case Study Two. "They're Ruining My Culture…I think": Examining the Nuances of Multiple Worldview Identities by Amanda Armstrong and Jim Barber

    Case Study Three. Can I Be Both? Exploring the Intersections of Religious, Spiritual, and Sexual Identities by Darris R. Means and Rosemary J. Perez

  14. Disability Identities and Student Development by Rosemary J. Perez
  15. Case Study One. What is Normal? Understanding Disability Identity Development by Stephani Womack, Melissa Dempsey, and Darren Jones

    Case Study Two. Unlocking the Doors: Overlapping Identities within Black Deaf Communities by Liann Osborne, Lissa Stapleton, Jaleesa Herrington, and Ashlea Hayes

    Case Study Three. Shifting Identities after a Cancer Diagnosis by Erica Lee, Dena Kneiss, and Tony Cawthon

  16. Social Class and Student Development by Darris R. Means
  17. Case Study One. Negotiating Space and Relationships as a First-Generation, Working Class College Student by Sonja Ardoin, Ashley Clayton, becky martinez, and David Nguyen

    Case Study Two. "We are Definitely Not Privileged": White and Working Class at a Community College by Nicholas Tapia-Fuselier

    Case Study Three. Bowties and Belonging: Navigating Race, Social Class, and Student Staff Recruitment by Matthew Smith, Ariana Mollers, Johanna Ilyssa Padrid-Dykman, and Georgianna Martin

    Case Study Four. College Student Development and the Complex Intersections of Class, Race, and Gender by Avery Olson

  18. Additional Theoretical Perspectives on Students’ Identities by Jessica C. Harris
  19. Case Study One. Complicating the Intersections of Class, Race, and Generation Status by Lamesha Andrews and Patrice French

    Case Study Two. Resources, Advocacy and Support for Student Veterans by W. Patrice Brown

    Case Study Three. "Welcome Home?": Living Between Cultures for Third-Culture Kids in College by Carrie Kortegast

    Part Three: Psychosocial, Cognitive-Structural, and Integrative Development

  20. Psychosocial Development for Students by Christa J. Porter
  21. Case Study One. Culturally-Based Celebrations: Honoring Diverse Experiences of Mixed Race Students by Megan Bell and Patty Witkowsky

    Case Study Two. One of Few: Campus Turmoil Leads to Personal Doubt by Teresita Alvarez-Cortez and Carina Buzo

    Case Study Three. The Promotion: Examining the Intersections of Psychological Identity Development, Moral Development, and Self Authorship by Daniel Calhoun, Steven Tolman, and Brandin Howard

    Case Study Four. Challenging White Nationalism through Friendship: The Power of Peers by Kathleen Manning

  22. Epistemological and Intellectual Development for Students by Jason C. Garvey
  23. Case Study One. Finding Your Voice, Finding Yourself: Examining the Complex Interplay of Intellectual and Racial Identity Development by Alex Boesch, Emily Hagan-Howe, Beverly Colston, and Annie Valentine

    Case Study Two. What is Too Loud? Music Meets Intellectual Development in the Residence Hall by Stacy A. Jacob and Sammie Walker

    Case Study Three. Sorority Traditions: Preservation or Evolution? by Matt Johnson

  24. Students’ Moral Development by Rosemary J. Perez and Jessica C. Harris
  25. Case Study One. "The Lady Doth Protest Too Much": Moral Development at the Intersection of Religion and Sexuality by Drew Ashby-King, Karen Boyd, and Tony Cawthon

    Case Study Two. Accusations of Cheating in Arabic Studies: Navigating Family, Culture, and Responsibility by Michael Goodman

    Case Study Three. Black or Blue? Exploring Whose Lives Matter While Balancing the Complexities of Identity and Morality by Tynesha McCullers and Aaron Hood

  26. Students Development of Self Authorship by Rosemary J. Perez
  27. Case Study One. "It's (not) in the Syllabus!" Self-Authorship and Transitions for Military Connected Students by Jessica Belue Buckley, Heather Turner, Meghan Pifer, and Ralph Allan Cook, Jr.

    Case Study Two. Triple Outsider: Experiencing Black Motherhood in Graduate School at a PWI by Deniece Dortch and Dianne Delima

    Case Study Three. "You're Either Down, or You're Not!": Self-authorship and Student Activism by Lincoln Wesley Harris, Jr.

    Part Four: Reflecting on Moving Student Development Theory to Practice

  28. Conclusion: Moving Beyond Case Analysis to Advance Social Justice and Inclusion

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Jason C. Garvey is Assistant Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration at the University of Vermont, USA.

Jessica C. Harris is Assistant Professor of Higher Education and Organizational Change at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA.

Darris R. Means is Assistant Professor of College Student Affairs Administration at the University of Georgia, USA.

Rosemary J. Perez is Assistant Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs and the Director of the Education for Social Justice Graduate Certificate at Iowa State University, USA.

Christa J. Porter is Assistant Professor of Higher Education Administration at Kent State University, USA.