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Neil Simon A Casebook

Neil Simon: A Casebook

1st Edition

Edited By Gary Konas
January 01, 1997

First Published in 1997.The 16 essays and interviews in this volume explore the background and works of Neil Simon, the most successful playwright in American history. Several of the entries trace Simon's Jewish heritage and its influence on his plays. Although Simon is best known as a writer of a ...

David Hare A Casebook

David Hare: A Casebook

1st Edition

Edited By Hersh Zeifman
August 01, 1994

Learning that David Hare has written sixteen stage plays, eight collaborations, and eleven screenplays for film and television, one might be surprised by the fact that this leading English artist is not yet fifty years old. He was only twenty-two when his first play was performed by the Portable ...

Wendy Wasserstein A Casebook

Wendy Wasserstein: A Casebook

1st Edition

Edited By Claudia Barnett
November 18, 2016

Wendy Wasserstein: A Casebook contains in-depth discussions of the playwright's major works, including her recent play 1 An American Daughter. Wasserstein's plays and essays are explored within diverse traditions, including Jewish storytelling, women's writing, and classical comedy. Critical ...

Terrence McNally A Casebook

Terrence McNally: A Casebook

1st Edition

Edited By Toby Silverman Zinman
August 26, 2016

This collection of essays and interviews is the first book about the drama of American playwright Terrence McNally; it examines his career to date (30-plus years), focusing particularly on the two plays for which McNally won Tony Awards for Best Play of 1995, Love! Valour! Compassion!, and Best ...

Arnold Wesker A Casebook

Arnold Wesker: A Casebook

1st Edition

Edited By Reade W. Dornan
July 20, 2016

The only collection of essays on one of Britain's Angry Young Men, this book contains discussions of most of Wesker's published plays with an emphasis on the more recent works. Essays reevaluate the plays that made Wesker a household name in Britain (the Trilogy, The Kitchen , and Chips with ...

Marsha Norman A Casebook

Marsha Norman: A Casebook

1st Edition

Edited By Linda Ginter-Brown
July 15, 2016

This collection of ten original (and one reprinted) essays provides an in-depth examination of one of America's foremost contemporary playwrights. Established critics as well as younger scholars examine well-known works such as Getting Out, 'night, Mother, The Laundromat, and the adaptation of ...

Beth Henley A Casebook

Beth Henley: A Casebook

1st Edition

Edited By Julia A. Fesmire
February 27, 2015

Beth Henley was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Drama and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best American Play for her first full-length play, Crimes of the Heart , yet there has been no book-length consideration of her body of work until now. This volume includes original essays that ...

Neil LaBute A Casebook

Neil LaBute: A Casebook

1st Edition

By Gerald C. Wood
November 10, 2014

Neil LaBute: A Casebook is the first book to examine one of the most successful and controversial contemporary American playwrights and filmmakers. While he is most famous, and in some cases infamous, for his early films In the Company of Men and Your Friends and Neighbors, Labute is equally ...

Horton Foote A Casebook

Horton Foote: A Casebook

1st Edition

Edited By Gerald C. Wood
November 01, 1997

This study is the first general critical introduction to the writing of Horton Foote, recipient of two Academy Awards and the Pulitzer Prize. These original essays survey Foote's career, his work for theater, television, and film, with analysis of Foote's major themes and characteristic style in ...

Stephen Sondheim A Casebook

Stephen Sondheim: A Casebook

1st Edition

Edited By Joanne Gordon
November 01, 1999

Stephen Sondheim is an artist with many contradictory facets: he is an avant-garde composer and lyricist working in the populist art form, an apparently dry and acerbic critic who captures all the ambivalent pain of passion, an intellectual whose work contains some of the funniest bawdy lines on...

Pinter at 70 A Casebook

Pinter at 70: A Casebook

1st Edition

Edited By Lois Gordon
August 31, 2001

This comprehensive and authoritative casebook includes cornerstone essays on Pinter's creative process, his politics, film adaptations, and acting career. It also includes a collection of photos found nowhere else that document Pinter's "golden time"--his early acting days in Ireland--, a ...

August Wilson A Casebook

August Wilson: A Casebook

1st Edition

Edited By Marilyn Elkins
March 01, 2000

The only African American playwright to win the Pulitzer Prize twice, Wilson has yet to receive the critical attention that he merits. With 12 original essays, this volume provides a thorough introduction to his body of work....

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