1st Edition

Celebrity Fashion Marketing Developing a Human Fashion Brand

By Fykaa Caan, Angela Lee Copyright 2023
    144 Pages 21 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    144 Pages 21 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    144 Pages 21 Color & 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explores the concept of the celebrity as a 'Human Fashion Brand' and the effectiveness of the celebrity in promoting fashions and shaping the identity and decisions of fashion consumers.

    Beginning with an overview of the background and context of the fashion celebrity, the authors consider celebrity fashion classifications, fashion influencers, explore existing theory, models, and tools and the role of technology; and explain how celebrity-endorsed products impact on fashion consumers and trends. The book defines and develops a ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’, which describes the relationship between the fashion celebrity, fashion celebrity marketers and fashion consumer behaviour choices in celebrity fashion emulation. Coupled with reflective questions to aid learning, every chapter is illustrated by case studies of celebrities as fashion brands, as well as their impact on fashion, including Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, and Madonna.

    Providing a holistic understanding of the celebrity as a human fashion brand and celebrity-inspired fashion consumption, Celebrity Fashion Marketing should be recommended reading for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Celebrity Fashion and Influencer Marketing, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Brand Management, and Consumer Behaviour.


    List of abbreviations


    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: Introduction

    1.1 Introduction

    1.2 Background & Context

    1.2.1 The Fashion Celebrity

    1.2.2 The Fashion Celebrity Marketer

    1.2.3 The Fashion Consumer

    1.3 The Need for a ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’

    1.4 Summary


    Chapter 2: The Fashion Celebrity

    2.1 Introduction

    2.2 Why Use Celebrities?

    2.2.1 Celebrity Definitions

    2.3 The History of the Celebrity and Their Fashions

    2.3.1 Classifications of the Celebrity Rojek’s Classification A to D-Z List (Ulmer Scale) The David Brown Index Reality TV Influencer

    2.3.2 Review of Celebrity Definitions

    2.4 Fashion and the Celebrity

    2.4.1 Market Levels of Fashion Brands

    2.5 Using Celebrities as Fashion Brands

    2.5.1 The Intimate Relationship between the Celebrity and the Fashion Consumer

    2.5.2 Celebrity Case Study: Kim Kardashian-West

    2.6 Conclusion


    Chapter 3: The Fashion Celebrity Marketer

    3.0 Introduction

    3.1 Ideals of Beauty in Fashion

    3.1.1 Celebrity Impact on Society, Human Behaviour and Purchasing

    3.2 Media Fashion and Branding in the Social Media Age

    3.2.1 Importance for Marketers to Understand the Social Psychology of Dress and Fashion

    3.2.2 The Celebrity Image Importance for Marketers

    3.3 Celebrity Endorsement

    3.3.1 The Meaning of Fashion Brands to the Consumer

    3.3.2 Brand Lifestyle Personality

    3.3.3 Brand Image

    3.3.4 Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

    3.3.5 Celebrity Brand Negativity and its Effects on the Marketer

    3.4 Negative Celebrity Brand Campaigns

    3.4.1 Negative Celebrity Fashion Impact on the Youth

    3.4.2 Summary of the Market Industry Value of the Celebrity

    3.5 Celebrity and Marketer Models and Tools

    3.5.1 The-Self Product Congruence Model

    3.5.2 The FRED Principle

    3.5.3 The Flow of Fashion

    3.5.4 McCracken’s Meaning Transfer Model

    3.5.5 Kepferer’s Brand Identity Prism Framework

    3.5.6 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

    3.5.7 Models of Innovation and Adoption in Fashion Diffusion of Fashion The Fashion Product and Celebrity Lifecycle Stages of the Fashion Lifecycle The Fashion Celebrity Lifecycle Summary of Fashion Celebrity to Fashion Celebrity Marketer (Industry) Models and Tools

    3.6 Marketer (Industry) to Consumer Models and Tools – The Role of Technology Adoption Models

    3.6.1 Consumer Attitude towards Technology Adoption

    3.6.2 Technology Definitions

    3.6.3 Technology User’s Attitudes towards Technology Adoption

    3.6.4 Technology Adoption Frameworks Theory of Reasoned Action Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) Diffusion of Innovations Theory (DIT)

    3.7 Conclusion


    Chapter 4: The Fashion Consumer

    4.0 Introduction

    4.1 Consumer Assignment of Meaning & Possessions

    4.2 How Personality is Developed?

    4.2.1 Personal Characteristics of an Individual

    4.2.2 Psychographics and Values

    4.2.3 Opinion Leaders and Reference Groups

    4.2.4 The Dream Formula

    4.2.5 The-Self and Consumption Consumer Influence by Fashion Celebrities Celebrity Consumer Pre-Purchase Cost and Decision Making Summary and Link

    4.3 Case Study Analysis – Iconic Celebrity Trendsetters

    4.3.1 Madonna

    4.3.2 Run DMC – Hip Hop Casual Fashion

    4.3.3 Audrey Hepburn and the Little Black Dress

    4.3.4 David Beckham – Brand it like Beckham Icon of Outerwear, Underwear and Hair

    4.3.5 Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge

    4.4 Conclusion


    Chapter 5: The Human Fashion Brand Model

    5.0 Introduction

    5.1 Model Definition

    5.2 The ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’ Symbionts

    5.3 Description of the ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’

    5.4 The Benefits of the ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’

    5.5 The Use of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

    5.6 The Human Fashion Brand Model

    5.6.1 The Fashion Celebrity ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’ Influence Factors

    5.6.2 The Fashion Celebrity ‘Human Fashion Brand Model ’Influence Need Levels

    5.6.3 The Fashion Celebrity ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’ Exposure Factors

    5.6.4 The Fashion Celebrity ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’ Impact Factors

    5.6.5 The Celebrity Fashion Marketer ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’ Exposure Factors

    5.6.6 The Celebrity Fashion Marketer ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’ Endorsement Factors

    5.6.7 The Fashion Consumer ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’ Influence Need Factors

    5.6.8 The Fashion Consumer ‘Human Fashion Brand Model’ Identification & Meaning Factors

    5.7 Conclusion


    Chapter 6: Concluding Remarks

    6.0 Overview

    6.1 Findings of the Book

    6.2 Social Media Appeal, Demographics and Data Analytics

    6.3 Recommendations for Future Research

    6.4 Influencers, Vloggers and Bloggers

    6.5 Final Words and the Future Direction of Celebrity Fashion




    Dr Fykaa Caan is a celebrity fashion marketing specialist, working with celebrity A-list clients, fashion brands, and Influencers. Her area of specialism includes celebrity fashion marketing, consumer behaviour, consumer psychology, influencer fashion, human brands, and human behaviour. With the media company she works with in London, her portfolio includes attending/writing for London, New York, Paris fashion week events, Adele X Sami Knight X Rehab, Audi X Olivier Awards, David Beckham X Jaguar X Lunaz, Nicole Scherzinger’s Debut Bedding Collection 'Nalu', TCM, The Daily Telegraph, Boss (Gerard Butler), Ralph Lauren, Gieves & Hawkes, Hacket, BFI, BAFTA, The British Fashion Council, The Fashion Awards, and many more.

    Professor Angela Lee is Associate Dean (Research) at the University College of Estate Management, UK. She has published more than 300 journals and conference publications based on her research, as well as five books, and managed numerous externally funded research projects to successful completion. In addition to her associate dean positions, she has previously held head of department roles at the Universities of Salford and the University of Huddersfield, UK.

    'The concept of a 'Human Fashion Brand' is timely given the significant rise in the number fashion-influencing celebrities and fashion-celebrity-following consumers. This book is an essential read for those who are interested in behavioural science, fashion, marketing and business management.'

    Dr Kevin Almond, Associate Professor in Fashion, School of Design, University of Leeds, Former Head of the Department of Fashion and Textiles, University of Huddersfield, UK

    'The journey in public relations, celebrity brand management, fashion, media, and production is often one of exhilarating excitement and constant change. The authors have been steadfast in their focus, management and passion on the subject in all its guises.'

    JayJay Epega, BBC Studios Productions, Media Consultant and Writer, EpegaMedia, Director

    'This is an epic book and illustrates how following celebrity fashions has increased exponentially. The thought process behind this for individuals is: "If I cannot have their lifestyle, at least I can have the same clothes – or cheaper versions of them!". This book describes the impact on the celebrity, the marketer and the consumer.'

    Don Rouse, Celebrities & Lifestyle Communications Consultant, Entrepreneur and Mentor