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Mastering Fashion Management

About the Series

The fashion industry is dynamic, constantly evolving and worth billions worldwide: it’s no wonder that Fashion Business Management has come to occupy a central position within the Business School globally. This series meets the need for rigorous yet practical and accessible textbooks that cover the full spectrum of the fashion industry and its management.

Collectively, Mastering Fashion Management is a valuable resource for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of Fashion Management, helping them gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary concepts and the realities of practice across the entire fashion chain - from design development and product sourcing, to buying and merchandising, sustainability, and sales and marketing. Individually, each text provides essential reading for a core topic. A range of consistent pedagogical features are used throughout the texts, including international case studies, highlighting the practical importance of theoretical concepts.

Postgraduate students studying for a Masters in Fashion Management in particular will find each text invaluable reading, providing the knowledge and tools to approach a future career in fashion with confidence.

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Fashion Buying and Merchandising The Fashion Buyer in a Digital Society

Fashion Buying and Merchandising: The Fashion Buyer in a Digital Society

1st Edition

By Rosy Boardman, Rachel Parker-Strak, Claudia E. Henninger
May 21, 2020

Fashion buying and merchandising has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Aspects such as the advent of new technologies and the changing nature of the industry into one that is faster paced than ever before, as well as the shift towards more ethical and sustainable practices have ...

Fashion Marketing and Communication Theory and Practice Across the Fashion Industry

Fashion Marketing and Communication: Theory and Practice Across the Fashion Industry

1st Edition

By Olga Mitterfellner
November 18, 2019

Some of the usual obstacles to modern teachings of marketing are ethnocentricity, the limitation of creative thought by conformity to existing theories, lack of questioning of ethics, and a disconnection from historic events or sociological discourse. This book, in contrast, draws together ...

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